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The brash bold world of physical fitness has long been dominated by an old mantra which says, `No sweat, no gain'. New research, however, has revealed what the buff-and-tuff guys were reluctant to talk about in their locker rooms----that small steps conquer big goals and that you don't have to sweat to improve your health. You just need to get moving, smartly. As for the scientific fundamentals, a recent Newsweek survey of 22 studies evaluating the impact of such moderate exercise on longevity and cardiovascular benefit was found to be
Companies make unreasonable demands before handing over the shares you have inherited
Companies make unreasonable demands before handing over the shares you have inherited
AK Sridhar is the Chief Investment Officer for all Equity and Income Schemes of UTI Mutual Fund and manages assets over Rs.20,000 crore along with a team of 9 Fund Managers. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 21 years of experience in finance and funds management. Shridhar started his career as an audit officer in PriceWaterHouse and has worked with Ashok Leyland. He joined UTI in December 1988 and has worked in investment analysis and fund management of debt, equity, treasury and money market. He has also headed equity research and credit rating division for two years before being the CIO. Excerpts from an interview with Debashis Basu.
Sucheta Dalal writes about a unique website of socially-sensitive people
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