Dear Sir,

We booked flats in an under construction project in Dombivli region in May 2015, with an upfront payment of more than 60% of the base amount. However, we have not been issued the agreement till date. There has been no development in the project ever since. We cancelled the booking in July 2017 and asked for complete refund along with interest. The developer gave us in writing that we will be refunded the amount within 90 days of cancellation. After waiting for over a year, we filed a complaint in MahaRERA in August 2018, and a hearing was conducted in September 2018. The judge (Mr. Gautam Chatterjee) asked the developer why we were not given an agreement of the flat. Mr Chatterjee emphasized that the agreement be given as soon as possible. However, the developer said he did not have the CC for the project, and that it would take time for the CC to be in place. So he was given 90 days to provide the agreement. It was also given to us in writing that in case the developer fails this time, we would be refunded the complete booking amount. The stipulated time was over and the developer conveniently ignored the MahaRERA order. We filed a "non execution of order" complaint again on the MahaRERA website. A hearing was conducted on 6th of February, 2019 and we were again given in writing (from the developer) that either the agreement or a refund will be given within 90 days. No official statement on the hearing was provided to us by MahaRERA. Also the judge (Mr Gautam Chatterjee) directed the developer to immediately provide us with the entire list of allottees, so the allottees amongst themselves can plan on taking care of the project (since the developer apparently has no money at this point). The developer said that he would provide us with the list within a week's time. No update on that till date. We have been trying to contact MahaRERA through phone and email but nobody responds. I am now wondering whether all the positive news about RERA published in newspapers really helps home buyers eventually. All of the customers who have put money on this project are stuck with no clarity on the next steps. Some have approached MahaRERA like us but to no avail. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
 Consumer complaints
Details of the hearing on 6th February 2019 should be available on the website. If MahaRERA is not responding over phone, you can send a letter or email to Mr Gautam Chatterjee.

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