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1. I own a flat and stilt car parking in a CHS.
2. Flat is owned in joint name by me and my wife. (50:50 basis)
3. My wife passed away in March 2021.
4. Much before her demise, with mutual consent we had written a Will for our 3 children (legal heirs) however it is hand-written in my personal diary. Nothing official.
5. Our Intentions and order of inheriting our assets (Flat with car parking in a CHS, Jewellery, Fixed Deposits, and whatever available cash) to our 3 children is written in this personal informal will.
6. Kindly let me know how important and necessary is it for me to make a legal Will so that my children do not have any misunderstanding amongst themselves and also do not face any legal problems or hindrances in future whatsoever (from anyone whosoever, whether it is an individual or organizations, govt or municipal authorities, court of law or the CHS etc,) when they will have to inherit our assets.
7. Can this informal handwritten Will provide any legal bearing and can it be accepted as a proof / legal document?
8. If not, please guide me with the correct and complete procedure to make a will in the present day which will be acceptable by law and holds true at any given point in time in future considering the fact that one day in future I will die too and that my wife has already passed away this March 2021. So that my 3 children do not face any problems whatsoever inheriting the assets.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Best Regards
Hasan Malik.

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