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No Advocate-Client Relationship
The information posted on any page of this website is NOT legal advice, and does not create an advocate-client or any other relationship between the user and MF-LRC. Users should contact an advocate/lawyer in their jurisdiction for legal advice applicable to their particular situation.
Member Registration and Access
Access to MF-LRC is for members of Moneylife Foundation. The membership is FREE and available on providing your name, address, email and contact numbers. By becoming a member of Moneylife Foundation (MF), you agree to the terms of usage of MF-LRC as and when you choose to access its helpline services.
Terms of Use
1. This FREE helpline is only for members of Moneylife Foundation on personal issues. The FREE help is not available to any company, firm, business, association or organisation, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.
2. As a member of MF anywhere in India or abroad, you can access the LRC through http://moneylife.in/lrc.html. Our first priority will be/We will seek to provide the initial help on email only.
3. Please do not send us scanned documents or attachments unless we ask for them specifically. When asked, please send us only the relevant documents or pages that are specifically requested.
4. If you are based in Mumbai or in a city where MF-LRC has a presence, you can seek an appointment after prior registration and an email synopsis of the issue. Moneylife Foundation will endeavour to fix an appointment with a domain expert on the basis of their schedule and availability. MF-LRC will always strive to maximise the benefits to the largest number of people by giving appointments to people with similar issues at the same time slots. We will not guarantee confidential hearings unless deemed necessary. You cannot demand an appointment with a specific domain expert.
5. MF-LRC will only guide you about the best forum and how to draft your complaints and actions effectively. MF-LRC will not fight your battles or draft you complaints/Wills/RTI under the ‘Free’ service offered by the helpline. MF-LRC will also not represent you through our expert panel in any court or forum available for the redress of your grievance under the ‘Free’ services of this helpline.
6. If you choose to seek to approach our legal expert advisors, please understand that this will be on a professional basis and will involve payment of their professional fees. MF-LRC will have NOTHING to do with such a client-lawyer relationship and MF’s FREE membership will not automatically entitle you to approach them. Please confirm to having read and understood this condition or ask for details.
7. MF-LRC aims to reach out to the largest number of people most cost effectively and on a best-effort basis. Hence, a member will only be assured of up to three email responses, one personal appointment and one follow-up appointment. Any further communication — whether on email or through personal appointments — will be entirely at the discretion of MLF. Such a decision may be taken without providing any reason or explanation to the member, especially if MF is of the view that the time and resources of MF-LRC are being monopolised by a specific individual, case, or body of cases.
8. On issues such as re-development, cooperative housing, filing effective PILs, filing RTI or complaints about sexual harassment, complaints under the IT Act, complaints to the Economic Offences Wing, etc, we will try and maximise impact by having workshop-like meetings with senior advocates or domain experts.
Other terms:
The term Moneylife Foundation Legal Resource Centre (MF-LRC) includes Moneylife Foundation (the owner and general administrator of foundation.moneylife.in), its staff, directors and officers and the individuals and organisations that serve as hosts of each practice area. By using this service and/or site, you signify your consent to these terms and conditions.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time without any notice. Please check these terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of MF-LRC following the posting of changes to these terms will mean your acceptance of these changes.
Please do not share in your query any personal details like name, mobile number, email ID, address, bank account or other account details.

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