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Moneylife Foundation has received a donation from a well-wisher (who wants to remain anonymous), to recognise acts/ articles on good corporate governance with a small award.
Our well-wisher has made a specific purpose corpus donation with the understanding that the interest will be paid out as an award. We, at Moneylife Foundation are excited about the idea and have agreed to create a formal set up to choose an awardee based on tracking acts of corporate governance over a calendar year.
Accordingly, we have set up the following methodology:
Moneylife Foundation will invest corpus donation in a separate fixed deposit and use the interest for the award. The amount will depend on interest rates. At the moment Moneylife Foundation will undertake the work and cost associated with the selection and award process. The award will be given out as a Bank Draft/Cheque On Moneylife Foundation's annual day in February every year.
We would be happy to accept contributions to augment the corpus for this award from any individual/company, which believe in good governance practices and will willing to contribute based on our process and no other conditions attached.
We have in place a three-member jury comprising highly regarded individuals with long experience in tracking corporate India. They bring to experience across investment, equity analysis, rating, academics and journalism. They also continue to track good governance through media articles and developments on the subject.
They have agreed to track corporate governance related actions, articles and initiatives on an ongoing basis.
Information will be collated by Moneylife Foundation over the calendar year.
Moneylife Foundation members and others are welcome to send in their nominations to [email protected]. They will be forwarded to the Jury, whose decision will be final.
The jury will decide whether the awardee will be an individual, whistleblower or any other. It will have the flexibility to shape the award based on developments during the year.
Jury Profile:
img 1Prof JP Singh, IIM-A, is a person with multiple interests beyond profession and has pursued a wide variety of societal causes. This has led him to address issues of Corporate Governance both in teaching and in general life. He is a keen observer of Political and Economic affairs of the nation. As a teacher, he has developed special programs on Corporate Leadership and International Growth, Leadership Influence and Power, Cross-Culture Communication and Corporate Governance.
img 1R Balakrishnan is an independent consultant and has been in business and finance for over three decades. He was one of the founding team members of CRISIL and also helped set up Malaysia's first credit rating agency. He was head of equity research at DSP Financial Consultants and CEO & CIO of a couple of mutual funds.
img 1Yogesh Sapkale is the Deputy Editor of Moneylife. He has a keen understanding of technology and writes a tech column for Moneylife Magazine. He worked with Doordarshan News and Thomson Reuters before joining Moneylife. He will be the Member-Secretary.
Caveat: No person connected to Moneylife or Moneylife Foundation will be eligible for the award in accordance with best practices.
Award Presentation:
The tracking for the first award starts in January 2020 and cover the period until December 2020. It will be presented in February 2021.
Moneylife Foundation marks its anniversary every February with a public function where we invite a well-known personality as our chief guest.
The chosen individual will be presented with the award by the Chief Guest at our annual Anniversary Event.