Hi All,
My salary is Rs.75,000/- and my monthly Bank loan emi's are Rs.65,000/-.
Apart from the EMI's, my monthly home expenditures are Rs.12,000/- and
Rent Rs.16,000/-.
Apart from this, i have 2 credit cards 1 with dues 1,60,000/- and other with dues Rs.1,30,000/-.
Apart from this, I am paying school fee for my both the children of Rs.1,50,000/- per year.
I never missed any bank emi and minimum amount due of 2 credit cards.
To manage all the expenses, i used to take the loans and manage all the above expenses and bills. I have also taken a loan of Rs.1,50,000/- on my existing LIC Policy for which , I am paying the quartely EMI aswell. I did not include this interest money in the above bank emi's.
In one situation, i taken the personnel loan from one bank for 20% interest aswell.
Right now, no bank is giving me the loans aswell. To clear all my existing loans, it will take next 4 years. I dont know , how am able to survive in the coming days.
I will be thankfull to you, if i get some financial assistance so that i can clear the bank loans, credit card dues and can repay the amount to you in monthly installments.

Thank you.
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