In its attempt to modernise, Nirma seems to have lost its way
Anil Thakraney    
The market has turned stormy again;we have entered an uncertain stretch
Getting a refund from any service provider can be a hellish experience. Companies seem to think...
Cybercrime has moved on from amateur teenage hackers to a sophisticated business run with all...
Yogesh Sapkale    
An actor playing a tree, to save paper—for selling a mobile service. What were they thinking...
Anil Thakraney    
For an insurance company, it actually helps if clients default on policies that have not...
Vicks has coughed up lozenges in a jumbo avatar. But the advertising sucks
Anil Thakraney    
What have we learnt from the recent crisis, so that the taxpayer is less exposed in the future?
Moorad Choudhry    
Seven rules to ensure that your broker doesn’t give you a raw deal
Sucheta Dalal    
The market is struggling to find a path between growth and value
Over the next decade, the state of our infrastructure and our political system may ensure that...
SEBI's consent orders are seen as a quick escape mechanism for anyone who is caught violating...
Sucheta Dalal    
Decades of battering and discomfort with automated systems have driven investors away from the...
Sucheta Dalal    
The coming decade will be dominated by accessibility and compatibility of technologies and devices
Yogesh Sapkale    
A new rally has started on the back of fresh foreign portfolio investment
Why is Bajaj quitting the scooters market? Veeresh Malik has a view that’s different from the...
At last, an insurance product that is cheap, well-structured and can be bought off the Internet
Prices of wine are crashing, but it is still perceived to be a rich man’s drink. Will the...
Aaron Rodrigues    
India has everything going for it to become one of the greatest maritime nations. But who wants...
Veeresh Malik    
The truth of the matter is that each stock exchange is principally acting in its own interests.
Shyam Sekhar    
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