Aadhaar, Adhar, aadhar, aadhar card, UID, aadhaar ID, LPG subsidy, subsidy transfer
The Database State is an exercise in outsourcing of government through technologies that govern...
Gopal Krishna    
biometric identification, verification, Nandan Nilekani, C Chandramouli, Edward Snowden, National Biometric Test Centre, UID, Aadhaar.
The core issue is: Will efforts to undermine the fundamental right of Indians to move and...
Gopal Krishna    
Aadhaar, aadhar, aadhar card, aadhaar card, UID, biometric, biometric ID, biometric scanner,
Manifestoes of political parties must make their stand clear on scrapping of Aadhaar and its...
Gopal Krishna    
Aadhaar, Aadhaar card, UID, UIDAI, direct cash transfer, money transfer, subsidy,
NPR, NATGRID, NCTC and UID are unfolding without any legal mandate. It appears UID was, and...
Gopal Krishna    
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