Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Intelligent Homescreen
Shows the app that you are most likely to run, depending on the time and place
Android is a great place for customisation. And a Desktop Launcher is an App which replaces your Android Desktop and allows you to customise it in a variety of ways. 
Aviate is a Desktop Launcher which almost ‘knows’ and ‘shows’ what your desktop should look like, depending on where you are and the time of the day! As a result, your desktop may change automatically in the morning, when it will display the weather, your appointments app and your favourite news app; as you proceed to work, it has maps and music apps that are ready to go; and when you reach work, it may have your favourite email apps. If you visit the gym, your favourite workout apps may stare you in your face! In the evening, maybe some restaurant apps would be more appropriate and when you are ready to go to bed, your alarm settings would pop up on your home screen. 
The idea is to show you the appropriate app that you are most likely to run, depending on the time and place you are in, without your having to search for them. Briefly stated, it is an intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone. Try it, it is free! 
Ashok Yadav
7 years ago
App is good :)
How can I keep Google as search engine on home screen? This app changes it to Yahoo.
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