WordTune.com: Improve Your Writing
Convert your thoughts into words and say exactly what you mean, through clear, compelling and authentic writing. Add this extension in your browser (Chrome / Edge) and enjoy all the benefits online—whether you are using Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Linkedin and WhatsApp Web. It is also available on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Word and a host of other platforms.
With the click of a button, you can convert the text you have typed, into multiple versions and select the one that suits you best. Select the text you want to change. Then click on Rewrite and select from a variety of versions—formal, casual, intimate or official and WordTune will rewrite the sentence or the para for you in the way in which you can express yourself most efficiently.
Further, WordTune Read is an option which summarises long documents into brief versions which makes a long story short, instantly.
The free version will take care of your day-to-day needs. But if you want more, you may like to shift to the premium version, which offers unlimited conversions, converts paragraphs and also summarises stuff for you for fast and easy reading.
For those who write lots, a must-have extension for your browser.
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