WordTune: Convert Your Thoughts into Words
WordTune is a Chrome extension which helps you convert your thoughts into words. Whether it is Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, WordTune will always be there to help you say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling and authentic writing. Just add the extension to Chrome. Then, whenever you are writing something—text, letter, formal, informal—just about anything, just select the sentence you wish to refine and WordTune will immediately give you five other ways of saying it! You can rewrite the sentence, make it casual / formal, shorten it or even expand it. Select what is most appropriate for that particular context and you are done. It is that simple.
You can even get an ‘Add-in’ for Microsoft Word. You will get the same artificial intelligence (AI)-based functionality for all the text you type in Microsoft Word too. The free version allows you to make 20 corrections per day, while the paid version is unlimited. A must-have if you do a lot of writing.
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