Wonobo: City in Your Hands
Wonobo is just the city in your hands. It covers all major Indian cities with street views. Wonobo can help you find directions across several cities, search for places, even look inside thousands of businesses and interesting places. It saves you time and money. Simply click to rediscover your neighbourhood. Use it to revisit your school, share your favourite restaurant, or find out what people have to say about the places they call home. The street views are a treat and, sometimes, better than Google Maps’ street views, which, unfortunately are not so good for India. Search using the address bar or simply browse through. You can even search tourist spots and visit the Taj Mahal when you are online or get the best of local tips to browse through. An interesting feature is that you can share places of importance with your family and friends easily. It is a collaborative effort. So, if you find any errors or inaccuracies, you can point them out and they will be rectified. You also have the freedom to create content for others. 
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