Wizdom: Self Growth Challenge & Book Insights
Wizdom brings you insights from the world's best books, courses, podcasts, articles, publications and more!
Listen to insights in the first-of-its-kind Audio Immersive Experience! They have music and sound effects to create Immersive Audio Insights which makes learning more engaging than ever before!
Wizdom also contains Ideagram. Ideagram is the world's first-of-its-kind social media feed that makes you smarter every day and helps you grow. The best insights in a simple social media feed!
Non-fiction bestsellers are summarised in 15 minutes with immersive audio versions of summaries. The books are in categories like productivity, happiness, sex & relationships, business & entrepreneurship, history/politics and more.
It has key concepts from courses from Stanford, Wharton and also key insights from world-class podcasts.
2 years ago
Paid app. One would hope subscription charges to be mentioned in such articles.
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