WhatsApp Web Plus Extension
We have all got used to using WhatsApp Web on our computers – it is such a breeze to handle! WhatsApp Web Plus extension for Chrome enhances the utility of WhatsApp Web dramatically. Once installed and running, the WA Web Plus extension allows you to add more tools and options for WhatsApp Web for more privacy and enhanced reliability. It brings all the missing features of WhatsApp Web for personal and business use. 
When you are on WhatsApp Web, just click on the WA Web Plus extension and you will find a host of options—you can blur recent messages, blur contact names and photos, play audio messages without intimating the sender, disable read receipts, hide online status and much more. You can even password protect the app so that no one can access your WhatsApp web. Many other options for customisation, like pin unread messages to top, highlight online contacts, etc, are available for easy access. Most of the options are free, while some are available for a small subscription fee. A very useful tool for hardcore, daily users of WhatsApp Web!
Ninad Mondkar
6 months ago
This was very useful, Yazdi. Thanks.
9 months ago
Business news are at its best ever so far
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