'What's your Aadhaar number', when Goa CM almost fell for voice phishing scam
IANS 30 November 2021
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday revealed how he almost fell for a voice phishing scam, when an unknown caller almost made him reveal his Aadhaar card number, claiming that his bank account would be frozen if the detail was not furnished immediately.
"It can happen to anyone. I was in Delhi (recently) and at around 5.30 p.m., I got a call, in which the caller sought my Aadhaar card number. I said, I do not have it. The caller said, my bank account would be frozen from the next day, if I do not share the number. He directly told me," Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said after inaugurating a cyber forensic-cum-training laboratory near Panaji.
"I was also surprised by this. I was wondering why? I flipped open my purse and even pulled out my Aadhaar card, then it suddenly occurred to me, why should I share my Aadhaar card number, let my account be frozen. No issues. So I did not share my Aadhaar card number.
"Awareness of cyber crime should percolate to everyone," the Chief Minister said.
Sawant also said that criminals use financial tools like debit and credit card details to facilitate "ease of doing their business".
"We use debit cards, credit cards for ease of doing business, while those who commit crimes use the same (financial tools) for the ease of doing their business," Sawant said.
"While we use it for the purpose of studying and innovation, criminal minds are making use of it for other nefarious purposes. Whether it is WhatsApp, or Facebook," he also said.
The Chief Minister also said that he had received several complaints from job-seeking youth, about fake call letters and offer letters guaranteeing government jobs, both in the central as well as state government.
"People have also started 'making' job offer letters or call letters. I think there are two, three cases in the Goa government also. Someone even came with an offer letter to one department to facilitate his joining. A case has been registered. There was no interview and someone landed up with an offer letter. That is when we realised it was fake," Sawant said.
"Some youth come to me with complaints, saying they have received offer letters from a central government department and a missive to pay Rs 10 lakh for them to join work. Even if people are told that these are fake (letters), people continue to pay money for the same and then regret it," the Chief Minister also said.
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