We are not bound to give your passport in the 45-day period, says India’s Chief Passport Officer

While TCS plays hard to get, the Chief Passport Officer calls up on his own to say that vested interests are tarnishing the Pune’s Passport Office’s good image and that the 45-day period for receiving the passport is just a “service level benchmark”

While the malady of inordinate delays and harassment in getting passports, after applying at the Regional Passport Office, Pune, has led to our forming the Pune Passport Grievance Forum (PPGF), India’s Chief Passport Officer, Muktesh Pardeshi gives a clean chit to the Pune Passport Office. Officials of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is in a public-private-partnership (PPP) venture with the ministry of external affairs for the Passport project, do not come out in the open.
While the ministry of external affairs’ website clearly states that a citizen would get his or her passport in 45 days and in fact, three days as stated by TCS after it got into the PPP venture in 2008, Pardeshi explains, “issuing a passport is a service provided by the government to the people. The 45-day period for getting your passport is a “service level benchmark” and we are not bound by it. We can give you the passport even in 21 days or it could take six months in cases where police verification has not come to us in time. The government has the right to give you the passport or reject it.”
Terming that “vested interests” are trying to tarnish the image of the otherwise “good input-output record” of the Pune Passport Office which has no pending cases of passport issuance except for those that are still under process, Pardeshi puts the onus on citizens to seek help from various complaint and legal forums.
Staunchly denying that passport applicants in the Regional Passport Office, Pune are facing any inconveniences, he suggested, “Citizens who have any complaints should address them at the online Public Grievance Cell. We see the complaints everyday and we will address the issue.”  He also advocated that aggrieved citizens should call up the call centre. When I told him that phone calls are not answered or they are not appropriately addressed, he denied that this could happen.
When told that many passport applicants are made to run from pillar to post between the Passport Office and police stations with both offices passing the buck on the other, Pardeshi states that since digitalization has not been introduced in states like Maharashtra, receipt of the manual records from the police takes time. “Why don’t you ask the police?” he suggested.
When this writer contacted the TCS media cell through an email on 3rd February, a representative called up on 4th February morning stating that only the Passport Officer or the Assistant Passport Officer can help me. When I insisted that I need to talk to the Pune head of the TCS Passport Seva Kendra, she said, “He cannot help you. It is no use talking to him. It is the government which issues the passport and not TCS so only the RPO or ARPO can help you and I will ask them to talk to you.” When I insisted that I would like to talk to the national head of the Passport Division project of TCS, she at the end of the day replied by SMS, “He is currently traveling overseas and will get the call fixed in the next 2 days.” 
While I was left wondering as to why the TCS representative was dodging my request to merely talk to the concerned official, around 1.40pm I got a call from the Chief Passport Office, Delhi, stating that Muktesh Pardeshi, the chief passport officer, would like to talk to me. I was surprised that a Chief Passport Officer, who is at the level of a joint secretary in the ministry of external affairs, should be subservient enough to voluntarily give clarification to a stranger at the alleged behest of the TCS which wants to hide behind the scene. When at the end of the conversation I told him that what he said would be all published, he stated, “you never told me you are a journalist, you only said you are a RTI activist.” I insisted I did tell him I am a journalist first, he declined and then quickly added, “I will look into the matter.”
Pardeshi went on an offensive against all my queries of the mess in the Passport Office, Pune. He insisted that the Pune Passport Office has an impeccable record and it is those applicants who may have bad police records or the police which is not sending verifications in time are facing problems. I broached the topic of RTI applications being rejected by the Pune Passport Office if cash is paid as fees or with the promise, “wait for 10 days, your passport is being processed so don’t file a RTI and days turn into months with the passport not being given.” Pardeshi denied that this could happen and stated, “it is every citizen’s right to invoke RTI. If there are any problems, I am the appellate authority, so they can appeal to me.”  
Pardeshi has assured, “if you give me specific file numbers of citizens who have not received their passports, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I assure action within 48 hours. I am a very upright officer and work 14 hours a day and it is our duty to provide passports to citizens.”  
Dear Mr Pardeshi, I do not dispute your honesty or hard work, but wonder why you should go out of your way to protect your private partnership agency, which has the responsibility of being answerable to the public.
In the meanwhile, after the following story on 1st February in Moneylife: Inordinate delays at Pune Passport office; RTI applications rejected, young architect Sachin Bhasme, whose passport has been stuck for over four months, received calls from the police as well as TCS officials. He was assured that he would receive his passport within 8-10 days


The Pune Passport Grievance Forum will hold its first citizen meeting on Saturday, 9 February 2013, at 11am at the Indradhanushya Hall, off Mhatre Bridge, in front of Sachin Tendulkar Jogging Park. Passport applicants who have grievances are welcome to attend the meeting. For more details call: Vinita Deshmukh: 98230 36663, Vijay Kumbhar: 99232 99199; Sandeep Khardekar: 98230 52596


Aggrieved passport applicants please feel free to complaint to:




If you have any complaints regarding the Issuance of Passports and suggestions for the improvement (if any), please contact Respective Regional Passport Officer. If not satisfied with the service, you can write/ Telephone/ Fax to the Officers.



Joint Secretary (PSP) & Chief Passport Officer,

Ministry of External Affairs,

Room No. 8, 1st Floor, Patiala House Annexe, New Delhi-110001

Tel:             91-11-23384519, 23384497,Fax:23384461
Email: [email protected]



Assistant Passport Officer(Public Grievances)

Tel:             91-11-23384519, 23384497 Fax:23384461
Email:[email protected]



Please mention your File Reference Number, Date of Birth and Year Of Application and your RPO/PO in the subjectline while sending us your complaint/grievances through e-mail. Please note that this is compulsory.

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(Vinita Deshmukh is the consulting editor of Moneylife, an RTI activist and convener of the Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She is the recipient of prestigious awards like the Statesman Award for Rural Reporting which she won twice in 1998 and 2005 and the Chameli Devi Jain award for outstanding media person for her investigation series on Dow Chemicals. She co-authored the book “To The Last Bullet - The Inspiring Story of A Braveheart - Ashok Kamte” with Vinita Kamte and is the author of “The Mighty Fall”.)



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    5 years ago

    My DIL went to the PP office at Mundhwa, Pune, to get her PP renewed. As Proof of Address, she provided my electricity bill. It was rejected on the ridiculous basis that the name on the electricity bill should be hers. She showed them the marriage certificate which says that she is married to my son. She provided a copy of my son's PP which clearly shows my address as his residence. It is therefore logical that she will reside with her husband and that the husband's address becomes her address. Electricity bills are not provided in the names of each family member residing at a place.

    The 2nd time they told her to get her name on her bank passbook changed to her married name. They were not prepared to explain why. She has a small kid; my son is in the merchant navy and is sailing; I am a senior citizen. So she has to carry her 1 yr old child to the PP office and they are so insensitive. She has been there thrice and each time a different reason has been given for rejecting her application. What do you advise?

    Paul Davidson

    6 years ago

    Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a Indian passport application, I found a blank form here http://goo.gl/MRnxtB. This site PDFfiller also has some tutorials how to fill it out and a few related forms that you might find useful.


    6 years ago

    my passport status..
    report submitted by sp.. printing is initiated.. flowed by lamination..bla bla..bla...

    ok.. this stage is from last month..
    thay have no book to print.. ha.ha.ha...haaaa..

    i have paid for all this to this gov right.. bloody buy a book.. cant you...

    this cant happen coz of.. this..
    after showing all document on police verification.. and the cop said kuch chai pani to karo... i gave him a sweet smile and said thank you.. for asking...
    haha ah... lovey day it was..

    raj pal singh

    6 years ago

    Dear sirs
    I summit my application for passport on 13th May now 50 days has been completed police repot also has been submitted I not received my passport am chking status on line since one month status has not been change.am worried for passport because I came on vacation from abroad if not get passport may I lose my job am working in cameroon as director. Pl reply will we highly appreciated


    7 years ago

    Reissue of passport(same address) : I was given a GRANTED status on 14th at PSK LOWER PAREL MUMBAI. police clearance completed on 22 october. gave all documents asked for electricity bill affidavit from father in law rent receipts bank passbook school leaving certificate .all documents they asked for i had them and showed it at every stage. i haven't received my passport , does 45 days mean (working days ) . my grievance is due to the fact that at the C COUNTER PSK OFFICE the lady informed that i will get the passport in 8-10 working days. i even requested to upgrade to a TATKAL but i was informed by the gentleman that i dont need it for reissue as the passport will be given quickly , Iv raised a grievance and request on line , what should be my time frame to follow up considering the 8-10 days as informed by the c section at PSK. but now readin this article 45 days is the time frame. can you throw some light on this issue. Your articles are a great help especially for many citizens who are clue less of what steps to take. email [email protected].


    7 years ago

    I applied online and got the submission of the documents at the Andheri, Bombay PSK on around 20th May, 2013. Two days back, i.e. three months later, the cop finally came to my place and gave me today's date for the police verification at the police station.

    I have been advised by elders and friends to not be foolish and pay the cops a couple hundred rupees if I don't want any hassles with the verification. I am not sure if it's my ego, stubbornness, rebellion or what, but I feel the urge to NOT PAY a single paisa to these guys.

    Very interesting article, and I hope the next couple hours will go well at the police station.


    Danny Boy

    In Reply to LenindC 7 years ago

    LenindC, don't pay. I chose to suffer for 3 months, but did not pay any bribe. If we don't rebel, if we don't revolt, if we don't stand up to our conviction, then who will?

    Danny Boy

    7 years ago

    Same at Thane. I applied for re-issue of passport on 3rd April 2013. I got the passport on 4th July 2013 i.e. after 3 months. I went directly without engaging an agent. I am told that if you go via an agent, you have to pay Rs. 3000 which is distributed as follows: Rs. 1500 for the passport renewal fee; Rs. 500 each to the passport officer, the policeman and the agent. If you do this, you will get the passport in 1 month. Otherwise, like me, you will have to wait for 3 months and will be called to the Police Station six times.

    R S Murthy

    8 years ago

    India's Chief Passport Officer can be little more courteous in his remarks. His remark that issuing a passport is a service extended by the Governmemnt is not correct and acceptable. It is the duty of the Government to issue a passport to its citizens on application if found eligible.
    If any one is not found eligible the grounds on wich he/she was found ineligble should be communicated. No absolute authority is vested in the Issuing authority to grant as per wims and fancies.
    No authority can take undue long period to decide on the application. Even Police authorities have to complete investigation within the stipulated period and submit their report.
    Every citizen has a right to apply for a passport and obtain the same and the Government is bound to issue if not found ineligible.

    Manik HIra

    8 years ago

    I went to the Passport office in Kollam to get a new booklet for my passport. Without appointment. They were kind enough to tell me that all applications were online and directed me to a booth in their office where I did the needful. I needed photocopies of the passport which I was able to take at the Photocopying machine there. The whole process took about 80 minutes and I received my passport 2 days Later.
    I reckon that is First class service !


    8 years ago

    I had a good & pleasant experience at Passport Seva Kendra, Pune.Recently I had submitted my application for Reissue of passport. After submitting online application, I got appointment for 2nd Feb. To my Surprise, once I went in to PSK, Pune-Entire process was completed within 30 minutes. I am happy and satisfied with these changes at passport office, Pune.Keep this service level. I have checked status-Passport printed and ready for dispatch. Great work TCS and MEA. Keep it up!!!!! Only issue is getting appointment after submitting online application-That needs to be addressed by some alternate method.


    Vinita Deshmukh

    In Reply to Avinash 8 years ago

    I am happy that you had a good experience and we want the same for all applicants who apply for their passport. Getting the appointment after submitting online application is allegedly the key area where alleged corruption takes place and many applicants have to wait for several weeks or months to get an appointment. In how many days did you get the appointment by the way? Before you praise TCS and MEA for their excellent job, it would be a good idea to think beyond yourself and feel for the hundreds of passport applicants who are being harassed. Pl let me know your thoughts on the gruelling online application method which a global company like TCS which is also into IT has not been able to solve this problem of technology despite being in partnership with the ministry of external affairs since 2008. Is that strange or not? Particularly when they are in a tie up to ease the process.


    In Reply to Vinita Deshmukh 8 years ago

    I agree with you that all law abiding citizens should get the PP on time and without hassles. However, I had a pleasant experience recently when I had to get a new PP because my PP did not have blank pages for visa stamping. I got my PP after one working day (excluding the day of appointment with PP). Only Problem I faced was having the appointment time on my application acknowledgement. I had saved the application before taking the appointment with the result that appointment time was missing when I took the printout of saved file. I could get another printout after I realized my mistake when I went to PP office. Thank God I was early at PP office and could locate an internet cafe to take new printout.
    There should be a system of electronic Police verification so that time and harrassment/corruption if any at police station can be avoided. Minimum required personal interaction with govt. authorities should be the norm for PP issuance.

    Vinay Joshi

    8 years ago


    Congrats on launching PPGF.

    I'm suggesting, immediately file RTI, to ascertain the delinquency of the concerned officials & the various reasons for delay[s].

    Points ---

    1] How many applications recd in last 6 mnths?

    2] How many cleared?

    3] Reason for non clearance of every application to avail passport.

    4] What steps initiated by the PP'office & re delinquency on the part of TCS personnel, it's software, if any.

    5] What redressal procedure was there to the aggrieved applicants? Redressal records/ data.

    6] The name of the concerned officers & their designation.

    7] The 'service level' benchmark is 'not' a service!

    8] Straight away write to Bombay House, kind Attn : Mr Cyrus Mistry. [I'm telling you TCS outsourcing personnel at fault.]

    9] At the same time we should also consider 'thorough' checks as mandated irrespective of the delay.NO COMPROMISE.

    10] As Mr.Pardesi has assured you, give him the file nos & also further RTI info got & post the results in this forum.



    Vinita Deshmukh

    In Reply to Vinay Joshi 8 years ago

    Tks for this suggestion. Will speak to my colleague and leading RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar and file the needful. We were to do this early next week. Tks!

    Vinay Joshi

    In Reply to Vinita Deshmukh 8 years ago


    Thnx. Do not delve at my point no 8 w/o concrete evidence, RTI is not an factor.

    TCS from 400mn to 6bn & the VC,Mr. S.Ramadorai is world recognised a person. More than Min.Ex.Aff. Salman Khursid & MEA.

    S/W glitches can always be there, even in US Passport Office has happened apart from NASDAQ or NSE in India.

    Irrespective, w/o compromising on antecedents verification system, issuance of passports in genuine cases should not be delayed.

    RATHER I WANT YOU TO PURSUE RTI for daily updation of the applicant STATUS, highlighting deficiency / delay as the case may be. IMP.

    This can go a long way rather than rather than perusing default applications.



    8 years ago

    First thing that these Babus need to learn is HUMILITY. They reek of arrogance and believe that merely doing their duty amounts to doing a favour to the citizens.

    choksi R

    8 years ago


    I wish to share my experience of passport office in Mumbai.

    I had to renew my minor son's passport. I opted to do it on my own without the help of any middlemen. I applied online under 'normal' not tatkal, submitted the form and took an appointment which was at Lower Parel. Before going there, I had checked several times for the documents required to be submitted. The website http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlinePro..., after entering required and related information and the website showed me that I require only two documents, viz code 8017 - old passport in original with self attested copy and code 8067 - Annexure H.

    Accordingly I went for the appointment. While waiting in the queue I once again inquired for the documents required for minor, with the person at the desk of another queue. She too confirmed as per the website. When my turn came, I was asked to produce Parents' passport photocopies. I protested saying it was not mentioned on their website. The person accepted that it is not shown on the website but it is required. I approached the Passport officer and explained that if it is not mentioned on the website and not intimated to the applicant in advance it cannot be demanded. He was most non co-operative and said that I must lodge a complaint at the Prabhadevi office but he cannot waive these documents. Luckily, I had anticipated such a move from them and was carrying the photocopies and submitted it.

    Whereas another father and a minor girl had to go back as they had not brought these documents which were not shown as required on the website.

    Though, I must add that I received my passport in just 7 days of the appointment.

    Urvish Chitalia

    8 years ago


    I had an interesting interaction with the TCS Passport Seva Kendra at Malad (East), Mumbai. I shifted to a new home around 5 months ago after staying at my old house for 27 years. Immediately after shifting, I went to the Passport Seva Kendra to update the passports of all family members with the new address. The TCS staff at the Passport Seva Kendra refused to accept the application and replied that they need copies of electricity/landline telephone bills dated a year ago for the new home. SInce mine was a new apartment block, I obviously did not have them. The Passport Seva Kendra people then told my sister that your family members already have passports and he does not understand the reason for the address update. He told us not to bother about it.
    This raises an interesting question. In case we sold the old house (which we haven't yet) and the passport Seva Kendra refuses to update the passport with the new address, we would end up with passports showing wrong permanent address without any fault of ours.

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    Whose interests do the so-called independent regulators serve? Here are some startling facts from the US, whose models we follow

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  • Common man’s “guzaarish, khwahish, farmaish” to the FM on the ensuing budget!

    Here are some suggestions for the kind consideration of the finance minister to ameliorate the sufferings of the common man from the trials and tribulations of daily chores, and to help him/her to live a life of peace, free from the struggles of making both ends meet in these days of growing cost of living and stress and strains of every day life

    It is budget time of the year again. The finance minister (FM) is busy meeting the captains of trade, commerce and industry to ascertain their demands from the ensuing budget. As per a PTI report, the FM told the global investors last week that the budget to be presented this month will be a “responsible budget”. Let us hope that he will be responsible and instrumental for making life a bit easy for the common man of this country. But the voice of the common man is never heard nor understood either before or after presenting the budget. Let us at least make our voice heard through the columns of Moneylife, the selfless organisation dedicated to the cause of the common people of our society. So here we present our “guzaarish (a petition), khwahish (a wish) and farmaish (a request)” to the FM on the ensuing budget on behalf of the common men and women of our country.

    What can the FM do to improve the life of the common man?

    1. First and foremost, there is a need to raise the basic exemption limit from taxes for all class people from the present limit of Rs2,00,000 to at Rs4,00,000, as there is a need to give relief to a large number of people who are really struggling to make a living, because of the runaway inflation present in the economy for the last three years. To keep pace with inflation, this limit should be linked to inflation at least in future years.

    2. Similarly the basic exemption limit from taxes for women to be fixed at Rs5,00,000, as they are the ones who have to balance the kitchen budget of every household, but are most hard-pressed to make both ends meet, and they have no recourse to any deficit financing that is available to our finance minister. The additional exemption available to women was suddenly withdrawn in the last budget without any rhyme or reason, and now there is a need to restore this additional exemption from taxes in the context of the need for them to spend on safety measure to protect themselves from the growing atrocities faced in their day-to-day life.

    3. The basic exemption limit to senior citizens too deserves to be raised to Rs6,00,000, as they are the people who have given their best during the working years of their life, and with the dwindling purchasing power of the rupee, they find it difficult to maintain their standard of living during the second innings of their life.

    4. The super senior citizens are the most deserving of all. The basic exemption limit for them is to be raised to Rs10,00,000 from the present Rs5,00,000 to enable them to live a life of dignity and tranquillity. It is during these years that there is a heavy demand on their purse to maintain their health, which takes away considerable part of their savings. The benefit of health insurance is also not easily available to them at this age of their life, due to which they need a healing touch from the finance minister.

    5. For the first time in the history of our country, the Finance Act, 2012, recognized a person who reaches the age of 80 years as “Super Senior Citizen” and a higher exemption limit was conferred on him/her. This was a gift from the finance minister to the elder population of our country, who live beyond 80 years, which is indeed creditable. In order to make such an honour available to a larger number of our people, it is necessary to bring down this age limit to 75 years so that it goes well with the platinum jubilee celebrations of the individual, who certainly deserves recognition at that ripe age. As there are not many super senior citizens in the country, this does not affect the tax collections at all and bringing it down to 75 years, would be a well deserved honour to these septuagenarians.

    6. The most deserved gift the FM can give to the banking public before the venerable former governor of RBI and the present PM Manmohan Singh lays down his office next year is to totally abolish TDS (tax deducted at source) on bank interest, as it is the most obnoxious of all regulations of the Income Tax department. Despite all the goading by RBI to banks, even today, majority of banks do not bother to send the TDS certificates to their customers every quarter as required by law, unless one demands for it. At present tax is deducted at source on bank interest paid in excess of Rs10,000 per year. This threshold of a paltry sum of Rs10,000  for deducting tax at source is a pain both to the deductor and the deductee, because, it only increases paper work and a large number of non-assessees have to either file their return of income to get a refund, or file Form No.15 with the bank, which, more often than not, fails to make a note in their records causing avoidable inconvenience to the public. Abolishing TDS on bank interest will only help in financial inclusion and will be a big boost to the banking sector in our country.

    7. The Finance Act, 2012, has exempted senior citizens who have no business income from paying advance tax, with a proviso that appropriate tax due, if any, is to be paid before filing the tax return. In view of this exemption available to them, there is no meaning in subjecting them to TDS, which should be totally abolished for all people including senior and super senior citizens, who can be free from the clutches of banks and financial institutions in the evening of their life.

    8. The common man today faces a double whammy. On the one hand the premiums on health insurance policies are hitting the roof, and on the other, hospital charges are increasing by the day. In order to have a health insurance policy of a reasonable value for every individual, the rebate for health insurance premium be raised from Rs15,000 to Rs40,000 per person, and from Rs20,000 to Rs50,000 for the senior and super senior citizens.

    9. Interest on saving bank (SB) accounts alone up to Rs10,000 is tax free at present. This is sheer mockery of the entire tax system. When dividends paid to all and sundry, whether big share holders or small are totally tax free at the hands of recipients, it does not stand to reason why honest and ordinary middle class who deposit their hard-earned savings with banks are made to pay income tax without any exception. It is only the middle-class population that deposit their savings with banks while all the rich and wealthy play in the stock market and they are rewarded by exempting dividends from taxes completely. It is a long felt need that all interest earned on banks deposits of all kinds, whether savings or fixed deposits, should be totally exempted from income tax and thus remove the most regressive taxation ever from the statute book. This will not only provide considerable relief to the bank depositors, who suffer under the burden of rising inflation, but give a shot in the arm to the banking sector, which is starving for deposits from the public, who feel investing in gold is better than investing in bank deposits. In order to convert investment in gold into bank deposits, thereby helping the government to reduce the trade deficit, the only solution is to make bank deposits attractive by giving complete tax exemption on interest to savers in banks. The finance minister will surely see miracles happening in this field, if the tax burden is totally removed for the common man who invests in bank deposits. When non-resident Indians have been showered with tax free income on all their NRE and FCNR deposits, why resident Indians should be denied of this basic benefit just because they live in India and not abroad?

    10. At present under Section 80 DDB of the I-T Act, deduction to the extent of Rs40,000 is permitted in respect of expenditure incurred for self and dependent relatives for medical treatment of specified diseases or terminal ailments. Today, any medical treatment for chronic diseases costs not less than a few lakhs of rupees, and hence this limit ofRs40,000  is chicken-feed. It is therefore, necessary to raise this limit to at least Rs1,00,000 per year, which will be a great relief to the sick and elderly who suffer due to no fault of theirs.

    11. Under Section 80DD of the I-T Act, any expenditurefor medical, nursing and rehabilitation incurred on dependent suffering from permanent disability is allowed as a deduction up to Rs50,000 (Rs1 lakh if the disability is severe—exceeding 80%)  per year. With the rising cost of nursing and medical expenses, there is an urgent need to increase this limit to Rs2,00,000 per year, per dependent, irrespective of the level of disability, to help those families who are unfortunate to have such dependents needing special  attention and care.

    Concluding prayer:

    The above suggestions are for the kind consideration of the FM to ameliorate the sufferings of the common man from the trials and tribulations of daily chores, and to help him/her to live a life of peace, free from the struggles of making both ends meet in these days of growing cost of living and stress and strains of every day life.

    This is an appeal to the FM to be generous enough to consider these basic requirements of our citizens, who deserve nothing less than a decent life and a much better deal from the government, as this will be the best opportunity to win over the faceless and voiceless middle-class of this country suffering silently under the burden of stubborn inflation and the rampant corruption pervading our society making life difficult for a large majority of people of this country.  If the FM can touch millions of hearts and spread smiles on a billion faces though a single fiat of a budget, it would be a great day for all Indians.

    Other articles from Gurpur.

     (The author is a banking and finance professional writing for Moneylife under the pen-name ‘Gupur’)

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    Adi Daruwalla

    8 years ago

    Under 80 DD the benefits should be increased for family members spending money for treatment of mentally challenged dependents also, even if the mentally challenged person is employed. (As he or she may lose their employment anytime.)

    nagesh kini

    8 years ago

    I have serious doubts whether our FM from deep South will grasp the North Indian asli Urdu/Hindustani terms gujraish,kwaish aur fermaish!
    Only hope he doesn't take a u-turn in the 2013 Budget.

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