Want To Quit Smoking? Try Quit Genius
If you want to quit smoking, try Quit Genius. It is the first quit smoking app to deliver behavioural therapy that is personalised for you and scientifically proven to help you quit, for good! The therapy is delivered in fun, bite-sized steps consisting of animated video clips, audio sessions, interactive exercises and mindfulness sessions. With daily trophies, badges and achievements, the app helps you stay on track and motivated on your quit smoking journey!
The app is built by doctors, psychologists and world’s leading experts on quitting smoking; so, it’s scientifically proven to work. It is personalised and adapts to your specific requirements and triggers for smoking. It also has reflective exercises that help you build healthy habits that last, with interactive quizzes to reinforce your learning. Motivational reminders and mindfulness sessions support you through cravings anytime and anywhere. And, of course, the last big step—helping you quit when you are ready—preparing you in the best way right up to your quit date. Try it; you have nothing to lose but your smoke!
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