UPA Government being run by corporates: Dasgupta
MDT/PTI 18 October 2012

According to the senior CPI leader, corporates are deciding policies and runnning the UPA government at the Centre

Mumbai, Oct 17 (PTI) Criticising the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government's decision to allow Foreign Direct Investment in retail and insurance sectors, Gurudas Dasgupta, senior leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI) has alleged that government was being 'run' by the corporates, reports PTI.
"Corporates are deciding the policies.... They are running the government," he said, addressing a press conference here.
He announced that national conference of All India Trade Union Congress' (AITUC) would be held in Mumbai from 27th to 30th November.
AITUC will organise a massive rally on 20th December near the Parliament to protest policies of the government and to raise various demands, Dasgupta said.
"We want a total change of the economic policies... We want labour laws in SEZs, special laws for the labour in the unorganised sector," he said.
"We are against FDI in retail and insurance. Due to FDI in retail, small shopkeepers will be displaced," the CPI veteran said.
About BJP, he alleged, "BJP too is responsible for corruption. They are partially supporting the government's decision to allow FDI in retail."
Dasgupta also claimed that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi invited Tatas to his state by offering them undue concessions.
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CPI supported Indira Gandhi and emergency. UPA-I was also supported by CPI. They will support congress in future also raising bogey of communalism. ..


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