Truecaller: Know Who is Calling

If you have been using a smartphone for a while, you should have Truecaller installed on your phone by now. If not, do it now! Truecaller is the best way to identify who is calling you, even if you do not have the number in your directory. They boast a database of over two billion numbers from all over the world. It not only goes online and looks up the number, it also displays the name on your screen, even before you pick up the call. After the call is over, you can save the number directly in your directory. The best part is that you can mark a number as spam (to get rid of those pesky calls) and the number will be automatically blocked from then onwards. It will also display if others have marked a number as spam, helping you to decide whether you should pick up the call or not. A must-have utility—you will wonder how you managed without it for so long! Available for Android ( iPhone and Windows phone users.

Simple Indian
6 years ago
TrueCaller has access to the Contacts list on the mobile phone. So, while it may give info on caller, it may also harvest contact nos from the mobile phone to pass on to telemarketers and such. Business model of such App creators is always a mystery, so one should be careful what they will compromise on, when using such "free" Apps. Remember, there's no such thing as a 'free lunch' in the tech world.
6 years ago
Try TruMessenger too...Spam SMS likes of Domino Pizzas are on rise.
Midhunlal G
6 years ago
Truecaller has access to our contact list also.
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