Trinamool Congress set to formally break ties with UPA on Friday
MDT/PTI 20 September 2012

After Trinamool's withdrawal of support, the UPA government's support in Lok Sabha will come down to 254 from 273 and it will have to heavily dependent on Samajwadi Party and BSP for majority in the House

New Delhi/Kolkata: Trinamool Congress (TC) is all set to break its ties with the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) by withdrawing its ministers and the support tomorrow but the Union government remained unfazed over its stability even as outside ally Mulayam Singh Yadav sent mixed signals, reports PTI.


With the Centre not in a mood to yield to her demands for withdrawing the decisions on diesel, LPG cylinders and FDI, Trinamool Congress Chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in Kolkata that her party's six ministers will submit their resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday.


"We have already taken a collective decision. Our ministers will submit their resignation. Commitment is commitment. We have also sought an appointment with the honourable President tomorrow, if he gives time," she said in an apparent reference to plans to give a letter of withdrawal of support of 19 MPs to the government.


Trinamool has six ministers, including one of Cabinet rank, in the UPA government.


Banerjee said there is no room for negotiations on the issue of FDI in retail and ruled out going to Delhi for any talks with the Congress leadership.


After Trinamool's withdrawal of support, the UPA government's support in Lok Sabha will come down from 273 to 254 and the coalition will be heavily dependent on Samajwadi Party (22) and BSP (21) for its majority in the House.


For a simple majority, government needs the support of at least 273 MPs in a House of 545.


But the government remained unperturbed over any threat to its stability following Trinamool's decision.


"We had enough friends yesterday, we have enough friends today. So, I don't think why you should doubt our stability," Finance Minister P Chidambaram told reporters in Delhi.


Asked whether the government would look for new allies, he said," If we can acquire new friends, why would we not."

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Mamata is right in withdrawing support.

From Policy "Paralysis" to a sudden Policy "Delirium" indicates that the "Con-Gandhian" politicians want to make some quick bucks from the stock market. Media people before eulogising the "Indian Caesar's wife" must see through the game and understand the actual intention behind the sudden announcements of economic reforms!
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