Times of India: Mumbai Police arrests 18 in the Rs15 crore payment fraud
Mumbai Police have reportedly arrested about 18 people following a complaint by a senior editor from Times of India (ToI), who allegedly signed and cleared cheques to the tune of a whopping  Rs15 crore over five years, ostensible in the names of fictitious persons, based on vouchers put up to him by a secretary, who has been accused of the payment fraud. Derick D'sa, who is Editor of the newspaper's Mumbai edition has filed the complaint. It would appear from the complaint that Mr D’sa had signed well over 1,000 of these fake vouchers ostensibly in the names of the freelancers and contributors, without bothering to read what he had signed. The matter was finally spotted by the auditors, say sources.
In a statement Mr D'sa said, "Amit Mayekar, one of my secretaries, handled payments to part-time contributors to the newspaper and used to take his signature on invoices. Last week, I was informed by some of the accounts department persons that some of the invoices forwarded by Mayekar looked suspicious. I asked my editorial team and the accounts team to investigate and have found that 78 persons to whom the contributions for writing the articles have been made since January 2013 have never ever written any article for ToI anywhere in the country."
According to reports, Police have filed a first information report (FIR) and so far have arrested 18 people, who have received money in their bank accounts from the newspaper. These 78 fake contributors have received about Rs20lakh to Rs38 lakh during the past five years from Benett Coleman and Co Ltd, the owner of the newspaper. Mayekar, however, is absconding. 
Here is the statement submitted by Mr D'sa to Azad Maidan Police Station...
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    Raghuram J C

    2 years ago

    It is utter professional disregard towards his responsibility on the part of the Editor. Professional conduct begs him to resign immediately.

    There are few teams which behaves as if they are an elite creed and does not heed either to functional ethics or Corporate gifts and gratuity policy.

    Veeresh Malik

    2 years ago

    This is often a normal practice in some types of companies, fake voucher payments, with full knowledge of the owners. Looks like a whole lot of go-betweens will be in trouble here. List of names of those arrested is not available as yet?

    Contractor fined for storing water in train toilet: WR
    Mumbai, Taking serious cognisance of an incident of drinking water and beverages stored in the toilet of a train, the Western Railway (WR) on Tuesday slapped a hefty fine and initiated proceedings to sack the contractor, an official said.
    Western Railway chief spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar said that the shocking incident came to light in the form of a video shot inside the coach for handicapped passengers on the Mumbai-Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express on April 26.
    As the video went viral on social media showing the staffers of the catering contractor - identified as Krishna Enterprises, Bandra, Mumbai - storing tea, coffee, soft drinks and others in the train toilet before serving them to the passengers, an embarrassed WR launched an investigation.
    Besides the penalty of Rs 100,000 and a showcause notice, the WR has also moved the IRCTC to terminate the contract with the errant contractor.
    Simultaneously, a WR team is checking all operations of the caterer on the above train to ensure compliance of various norms.
    Additionally, a five-day drive is now underway on all WR long-distance trains to check the pantry services, review, report and rectify deficiencies in catering services and ensure such incidents don't recur, said Bhakar.
    Disclaimer: Information, facts or opinions expressed in this news article are presented as sourced from IANS and do not reflect views of Moneylife and hence Moneylife is not responsible or liable for the same. As a source and news provider, IANS is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.
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    Karnataka: Average assets of 184 re-contesting MLAs jump by 64%; Congress MLAs top the list
    With the ongoing elections in Karnataka, focus has been drawn towards the political entities contesting these elections. Average assets of 184 members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) who are re-contesting have increased by an astounding 64% since the previous elections in 2013, says a report.
    The Report is prepared by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Karnataka Election Watch (KEW) after analysing affidavits of 184 re-contesting MLAs (including bye-elections) during the 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections. It found average assets of these 184 re-contesting MLAs from various parties including independent MLAs in 2013 was Rs26.92 crore, which increased to Rs44.24 crore in 2018. This means, in just five years, average assets of these 184 MLAs increased by an incredible Rs17.31 crore.
    Furthermore, five of the 184 re-contesting MLAs have had the worth of their assets increase more than Rs100 crore. It may also be important to note here that these five MLAs are all members of the Indian National Congress (INC) party. DK Shivakumar tops this list with an incredulous 234% increase (Rs588 crore) in his assets since the 2013 assembly elections, closely followed by N Nagaraju with an 116% increase (Rs545 crore). 
    The report goes a step further and makes the same comparison party-wise. As illustrated in the figure above, it finds that INC heads the list with an average Rs 24.73 crore increase in assets since the 2013 elections. It should be noted here that of the analysed 184 re-contesting MLAs, a significant number (108) of them represent Congress, the ruling party in Karnataka. Comparing just the average assets of the top three political parties, one can see an increase of 66% in wealth for MLAs representing Congress, 65% for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and 49% for Janata Dal- Secular (JD(S)). 
    Although this report may not be damaging to the reputations of some MLAs, it should still be an eye-opener to the voters in Karnataka. But hoping for a change in the financial activities of these MLAs is certainly deemed to be a lost cause.


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