The mystery of Rs100 crore donation by Army to PM Relief Fund
Moneylife Digital Team 14 May 2015
PM Modi was seen as receiving Rs100 crore from Army as donation towards PM's Relief Fund. However, a reply received from Army HQ under RTI says no such money was donated 
15 January 2015: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (was seen in a photo published by Press Information Bureau -PIB) received a cheque of Rs100 crore from Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Army Chief General Dalbir Singh towards Prime Minister's Relief Fund on the 67th Army Day. Interestingly, the photograph when enlarged by us shows that it was a mock cheque handed over by the Army Chief. It has no amount mentioned. Instead, it says, “One day’s pay of all ranks of Indian Army”.
So what happened to the donation? Was the money donated? Was it collected from Army officers and soldiers and handed over to the PM Relief Fund?
20 March 2015: A reply received Right to Information (RTI) Act says the Army has yet to donate Rs100 crore toward the PM Relief Fund!
According to a PIB release on 15 January 2015, the Indian Army donated Rs100 crore and the amount was raised by officers and soldiers donating a day's salary each. The cheque of Rs100 crore was handed over to PM Modi by General Dalbir Singh at the traditional 'At Home' at Army House on the 67th Army Day.
Dehradun-based Prabhu Dandriyal filed an RTI seeking details about the Rs100 crore donation given by the Army to PM Relief Fund. On 20 March 2015, he received a reply from the RTI Cell of the Army. 
The reply sent by Lt Col Rajiv Guleria for Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of Indian Army says, "It has been intimated by concerned agency that no amount on account of contributions from salary of any Army personnel has yet been donated to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. The matter is under consideration."
Therefore, the question remains as to whether the PM Relief Fund received Rs100 crore donation by Army or no. There could be three possible scenarios. One, the donation was given, but someone may have forgotten to collect/deposit the actual cheque. Second, the PIO from Army not have received correct information and hence gave incorrect information. Three, the PIO may have given wrong or misleading information.
According to Shailesh Gandhi, former Central Information Commissioner and RTI activist, it is impossible for the PIO to provide misleading or wrong information. "However, the PIO may not have realised the impact of this information," he said.


7 years ago
cheque become ex date now
show business me sub kuchh chalta hey
Janakiraman Rajalakshmi
7 years ago
Recall kollywood actor kamalhassan & his useless movie 'viswarupam'? For the first time his ultra swagger & ultra arrogance got punctured deservedly. And ample credit to Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa for taking the right stand.

The media gave the same weary explanation maligning Muslims & Islam. Congress party , dmk , art of living "avatard" ssssravishankar included all rallied behind this kollywood lecherous selective atheist cum hedonist kamalhassan. They had their own agendas.

kamalhassan was almost ruined financially. But with the help of siddarth basu , he & his mistress gowthami ( who chucked her husband after giving birth to a daughter in America preferring to "live in" with Sarika's husband his daughters & her daughter have all got into the same bollykolly movie industry) orchestrated one such programme on tv whereby both managed to answer all the questions right thus getting a cheque for some CRORES being handed over to them by siddarth basu. Both claimed it would go to "cancer victims". It was going straight into kamalhassan & gowthami's account.Technically she is also a "cancer victim".

No wonder he is back into the same movie making business. Did some "sweeping" with a designer broom to impress Modi. As hemamalini did.
Replied to Janakiraman Rajalakshmi comment 7 years ago
Why are you talking unrelated things here?
Janakiraman Rajalakshmi
7 years ago
This article brings to my mind why & how I got drawn to Sucheta Dalal and her opinions several years ago.

Being a woman , a housewife plus nothing but a clerk in a bank never having scored hundred upon hundred in Mathematics , not being "professionally qualified" I was written off by my autocratic brother J.Mohan a chartered accountant married to another chartered accountant called vasudharini now living in Canada London Ontario +15198579333. My (faux) husband S.N.Ramachandran had no problems whatsoever in allying with J.Mohan as he was procured a job in Kuwait in the same AlGhanim Group of Company (Kutaiba & Basam AlGhanim Group) by suppressing the fact both were relatives. The company is strictly against nepotism. However almost all Indians adhered to nothing save nepotism. Keeping the Kuwaiti Owners in the dark. Almost ruined the company & many fled to Canada , America , Australia, India after making their kill.

Newspapers were also denied to me citing my gender & the same reasons cited above. In Calcutta & Kuwait.

Only once I picked up Times Of India ( or Economic Times cannot remember) & started reading some article by Sucheta Dalal. It had no jargon.
But enormous amounts of COMMON SENSE.

My nature being what it is , I started praising Sucheta Dalal & this perturbed J.Mohan tremendously. So much so he never missed an opportunity to badmouth Sucheta Dalal. He thought he being a chartered accountant cum cfo of some company automatically conferred on him the authority to assess others writing on corporate matters , finance , economics etc.

When a computer was purchased & it took some years for me to gain access to it. Only once I sent an email to her. I was so surprised to receive a prompt reply from Sucheta Dalal. I did not have a private email. So deleted it at once.

I am very gratified to see COMMON SENSE which is not at all common is very much there present till date in the same Sucheta Dalal.
Anil Agashe
7 years ago
This is very strange. BJP ministers are gloating saying have you seen any scam in last one year. They should realise scams take time. They have enough potential scamsters in their rank. Gadkari is a big scam. So they better be careful. They have done a smart U turn on many things that they said a year before the 2014 elections! India cannot afford scams by her ruling class.
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