The Aadhaar registration mess and agony of citizens in Maharashtra
Moneylife Digital Team 25 April 2013

Euro Finmart carried out enrolment work for Aadhaar number at a housing society in Mumbai. Oriental Bank of Commerce, which appointed the agency, said the work was illegal. Finally after a call to the OBC CMD's office, the residents were issued registration acknowledgement receipts for their Aadhaar number

Close on the heels of Maharashtra's information technology (IT) department losing unique identification (UID) data of about three lakh people collected for the Aadhaar number scheme, here is a first person account about the registration mess. This also highlights the dubious games being played by agencies and registrars appointed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) led by technocrat Nandan Nilekani.


A Moneylife reader registered for his Aadhaar number but could not even get acknowledgement receipt for the enrolment. In addition, when he raised the issue with top officials of the registrar, Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) and the agency, Euro Finmart, he claims to have received abusive calls!


Here is what Subhash Malviya, the Moneylife reader (name changed to protect the reader from further harassment) says…


The UID or Aadhaar registration was carried in our society during the last week of February 2013. The way the work was carried out by the agency was complete mess. The employees of the agency (Euro Finmart, I came to know later) used to arrive in the afternoon. They always used to walk in without any proper equipment, so residents used to provide it to them.


Some of the residents from our society were not even provided registration receipts from the agency. Without the registration receipt, it is very difficult to track the progress of issuance and delivery of the Aadhaar number.


One of my neighbours told me the name of the agency, Euro Finmart and the registrar, Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC). OBC was appointed by the UIDAI to carry out Aadhaar registration work across Maharashtra and it was the lender that appointed Euro Finmart to do the job on its behalf.


Since we were not given our registration acknowledgement receipts, on 27th February, I called up Euro Finmart's nodal officer on his mobile. In addition, I also sent him a mail. The officer promised to call back after checking the details. However, the call never came.


On the same day, I called Kamal Seth from Delhi who was the chief manager at OBC looking after the Aadhaar registration project. He clearly told me that the registration carried out by the agency (Euro Finmart) in our society was illegal as it was done outside the OBC branch. However, he assured that we would receive our registration receipts after he checks the details.


Following instruction from Mr Seth, another officer, Mr Mathews from OBC's regional office in Mumbai contacted me. He also gave the same assurance about the registration receipts.

Surprisingly, after my conversation with Mr Mathews, the registration work being carried out by Euro Finmart in our society was suddenly stopped.


After waiting to get registration receipts for over 15 days, on 14th March, I again called up Mr Seth. He repeated his assurance but nothing really happened till 26th March.


On 26th March, I called up the office of SL Bansal, chairman and managing director (CMD) of OBC, seeking assistance. The official on the other end asked me to send the details. Within hours after sending the details, several top officials from Euro Finmart and the chief manager from OBC called me assuring that we would receive our registration acknowledgement receipts soon.


Meanwhile, I also received some abusive calls from 'angry' employees claiming to be from the agency. Fortunately, I recorded all such calls and then showed it to the top officials from both the agency and the bank.


Finally, on 28th March the registration acknowledgement receipts were delivered in our society office.


It took me over a month and call to the CMD's office to get just the registration acknowledgement receipts for the Aadhaar number.


Later I checked the terms and conditions of the memorandum of understanding between OBC and UIDAI. As per the terms and conditions, OBC was supposed to supervise the enrolment work being carried out by the agency. But from my own experience, I can say, the bank failed to do its job. Not a single employee from OBC was present during the enrolment in our society. In addition, they kept quiet for over a month, until the matter reached their CMD's office.


It seems that OBC employees were protecting the agency for reasons best known to them. OBC is carrying the work with the agency for entire Maharashtra region. Imagine the plight of average citizens who cannot do the follow up. They would be in fix as all the cash subsidy depends on UID.


OBC has appointed Euro Finmart (L-1 bidder) and Shri Ram Raja Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust (L-2 bidder) as empaneled agencies for UID enrolment in Maharashtra. Apparently, the L-2 bidder was asked to match the prices quoted by the L-1 bidder.

9 years ago
my mail to [email protected] sent on 19.04.2013 is still unresponded. ML is free to take up the issue with Nandan to look into the mess and let him know the official concerned to act on the mails addressed at [email protected] has not bothered to update me about status for my query. if ML wants i shall forward the original email of mine.

My son XXXXX had got enrolled for NPR and Aadhaar registraion No
20220111816803 dt 16062012181417 was provided. around same time my self
and wife also got registered for NPR. In early February 2013 i recd my
Aadhaar card based on this NPR registration, wife didnot get because she
had got her Aadhaar card issued earlier but my son has still not
received his card even as the UIDAI site shows card is generated but
India Post site says no such card is received. please look into it and
convey the Aadhaar No to my son and generate the e-aadhaar card. from
the UIDAI site we could not get these done as it gives error message.

Mob:- ZZZZZZZZZZ, email:- [email protected], you may also
include his email and Mob No in his Aadhaar particulars as i found even
in my case my Mob and email ID are not there in my Aadhaar card
Prasad Subramaniam
9 years ago
Moreover, the Aadhar card and UID registration was termed to be a mandatory process by the GOI. Now some of its department is saying that it is compulsory whereas it is not compulsory and it is against the law to be make it compulsory. This UID resolution is itself pending in the parliament and not being passed because of its short falls and many more misgivings. The fact is that Parliamentarians are themselves confused about this project. If any agency says that it is compulsory, kindly get the same in from them in writing, which in turn can be produced in the court where the petition is pending.
Mukesh kamath
9 years ago
Good work done by money life reader. This shows that citizens have to be vigilant.
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