Telegram - Chat Folders
Telegram is gaining a lot of popularity these days, more so because it offers many more features than WhatsApp.
One of the interesting features of Telegram is that it allows you to create separate folders for various types of chats. Due to the deluge in chats, this feature helps you segregate your chats and quickly find the ones you need. When you are subscribed to several public discussions and broadcasts, this could come in handy. You could have separate folders for home, work, social organisations, broadcasts, etc. You can then swipe between the tabs to quickly access any of your chats.
There is a ‘Folders’ feature in the settings section which lets you create tabs for home, work, or anything else. There you can ‘Create Folder’ and ‘Add Chats’. If your folder’s name is Home or Work or anything else, then you can add all of your individual or group chats there. Once you are done with this, Telegram will show you the different tabs that you have created. This way, you can immediately find your loved ones as well as your favourite channels. You can also pin chats to find the important chats at the top of the screen.
A very efficient way to organise and quickly find your chats. Try it!
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