Taskade: Where Remote Work Gets Done
Organise tasks, write product specs, automate repetitive workflows and video chat with your team, all in one unified workspace, that is, Taskade. Create a project to capture your ideas, team goals and weekly tasks. To collaborate with your team, simply share your project, or invite team members into a workspace. Taskade is where remote teams get their work done.
The free version of Taskade includes all the essential features unlocked for individuals and teams. You have the option to upgrade which includes advanced features, unlimited file uploads and more.
You can use Taskade for weekly agendas, team meetings, project outlines, product roadmaps and much more. Their templates gallery will help you try out over 300 free templates. Taskade is available on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Try it out today—it is a great to-do list app.
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