Tarang, an NGO, brings education for poor children through night schools
Moneylife Digital Team 21 August 2014

Tarang believes that education is every child’s birthright as it brings about a transformation in the child’s life.


Tarang is an NGO that works towards the betterment of the lives of those children who are not able to afford their educational expenses. It comprises a team of good-hearted people who develop a curriculum and an educational programme to educate poor slum children, especially those below the poverty line. It basically develops customised programmes and teaches them things that would help them with earning a livelihood.

Founded in 2009, Tarang Life Care Foundation aims at creating equal educational opportunities. Its projects provide quality education to night-school students by sponsoring children who cannot afford to go to school, inspiring children to attend school and providing them with various facilities and learning materials to make them self-reliant. It was founded by a team of four like-minded persons: Rishi Modi is an information technology professional; Charul Abuwala is a lawyer; PK Mishra works with a public sector oil company; and Bhupendra Shah is a chartered accountant.

Tarang’s educational initiative aims to develop and execute its programmes with care and concern with the goal of empowering children who wish to study but do not have enough resources to go to school. Many poor children are unable to attend school during the day because they juggle several responsibilities, including helping out their parents to earn a living or by looking after siblings while the parents are at work. Project ‘Daayitva’ is specifically intended to help those children who drop out of school to fulfil other commitments. They can enrol in night-schools and get the education they want. When Tarang founders discovered that non-availability of food is an important reason for poor attendance in night-schools, Tarang started ‘Food Seva’ in a bid to boost attendance.

Lack of proper training in English, mathematics and computers among poorer children inspired Tarang to start ‘Lakshya’. It offers relevant study material and other resources to children at its Powai Centre in Mumbai with a special emphasis on spoken English. Classes are conducted on weekends to avoid interference with regular studies. Professionals specialising in spoken English teach the children. It  imparts education to children, mostly from poor families living in the slums of  Phule Nagar at Powai in Mumbai, under this project. The programme, which reaches around 40 children, is designed for overall personality development of the children Class.  

Other Tarang projects include Shiksha and Aadhaar. These aim to help children who lag behind due to various obstacles. Under project Aadhaar, Tarang has supported Cochlear implant for two girls with 100% hearing loss, allowing them to lead a normal life.

Tarang seeks to counter the high dropout rate among children in our educational institutions. The high cost of private education and the need to support their families, or lack of interest in studying, are the most common reasons for children dropping out of the formal school system. The rates are alarmingly high; from Class III to Class V the dropout rate is as high as 50% for boys and 58% for girls.

Tarang would like to motivate those want to give something back to society, to sponsor the educational expenses of one or more child in full or in part. This is truly a satisfying way to transform lives and help society. Donations to Tarang are eligible for tax exemption and it has been set up as a not-for-profit entity under Section 25 of the Companies Act. Those interested in helping poor children by volunteering at Tarang can also contact the Foundation.


Tarang Life Care Foundation
24, Nand Deep Industrial Estate, 
Kondivita Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai : 400059.
Tel: +91 22 42560050, Fax: +91 22 66960303
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