Take Strict Action against Erring Telemarketers Who Harass Telecom Subscribers: Ministry
Moneylife Digital Team 16 February 2021
Taking cognizance of harassment of the telecom subscribers through unsolicited commercial messages or calls and financial fraud committed against the users, the ministry of communications has asked officials to take strict action against erring telemarketers and individuals involved in these cases. In case of any violation, the ministry also directed department of telecommunications (DoT) to impose financial penalty against the tele-marketers including disconnection of resources for repetitive violations of its norms.
To address the rising concern and irritation of consumers over unsolicited messages on mobile phones, repeated harassment through SMS, promising fraudulent loan transactions and, above all, make digital transactions safe and secure, a high-level meeting was called by Ravi Shankar Prasad, union minister for electronics and information technology, communications, and law & justice. 
During the meeting, the minister observed that telecom resources are also being used to carry out financial frauds and dupe the common man of his hard-earned money. He issued clear directions to the officials to take strict and tangible action to stop such activities immediately.
Officials also pointed out that even the subscribers registered in do-not disturb (DND) service continue to receive commercial communication from registered tele-marketers (RTMs) and further unregistered tele-marketers (UTMs) are also sending commercial communication to the subscribers.
Mr Prasad, then asked officials from the DoT to conduct a meeting with telecom service-providers (TSPs) and tele-marketers to apprise them of the seriousness of the issue and to ensure the compliance of laid down rules and procedures in this regard. 
In case of any violation, it was proposed during the meeting to impose financial penalty against the tele-marketers including disconnection of resources in case of repetitive violations.
The high-level meeting also discussed and decided to develop a web or mobile application and SMS-based system with redressal mechanism for effective handling of unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) and the financial frauds. This will enable telecom subscribers to lodge their complaints related to matters involving UCC.
At the level of licence service area, the ministry decided to set up telecom analytics for fraud management and consumer protection (TAFCOP) system.
Mr Prasad, the minister, also directed the officials to devise special strategies, including blocking of telecom operations, due to rising concern in Jamtara and Mewat region for curbing fraudulent activities involving usage of telecom resources.
Responding to the demand for a quick-time bound action to reduce financial frauds using telecom resources, the ministry also decided to set up a nodal agency. The agency, digital intelligence unit (DIU), will coordinate with various law enforcement agencies (LEAs), financial institutions and TSPs in investigating any fraudulent activity involving telecom resources.
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not only telemarketing but TEL Cos who keep on needling subscribers by annoucing every day " new Ttower" added N times . alos spongy schemes of free data an drechaging .Subscribers should have optionto shut TELCOs for infomania info over -loading
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