Take Notes Easily with Keep
An easy-to-use app from Google
Those who want to take notes in Android are spoilt for options. ‘Keep’ is a very light note-keeper by Google. You can quickly make notes and access them from any of your devices. Keep is just so simple and easy to handle. Once you tap on Keep, you can make text notes, voice notes or photo notes or even turn your notes into a checklist by adding check boxes. You also have options to colour your notes, so that all notes for a particular group of tasks are colour-coded for easy access. When you are done with a note, you can just swipe it into an archive for future reference. The best part of this handy app is that you can use your notes from anywhere; they are safely stored on cloud and available on the web at http://drive.google.com/keep
Keep allows you to set reminders for notes, like: later today, tomorrow morning, or next week. You can also select the exact date and time for the reminder. An interesting feature is that you can set a reminder based on location. So, if you need to be reminded about a particular task when you reach office, you can easily set a location-based reminder and it will pop-up when you reach that location! This one is surely for keeps! 
Yazdi Tantra is a chartered accountant by training, computer consultant by profession, entrepreneur-developer by hobby and trainer in his leisure time. He is currently the vice-chairman of Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd and has been running a medium-sized computer company ON-LYNE for the past 24 years. 
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