Get Text Summaries of Videos
We often come across lengthy YouTube videos which may be useful but are time-consuming. We just want to know the summary of the content without having to go through the entire video. is a very useful tool to get a text summary of the entire video within seconds. Just head to, paste the YouTube or video link in the space provided and, within seconds, you will get a simple text summary of the entire video in a single paragraph. If you wish to see an elaborate summary of a lengthy video, you may scroll down and see the detailed summary broken up over the entire timeline. 
It even works on Hindi and Hinglish videos!
The free version of has daily limits of just a few videos a day. The premium version has no daily limits and you can summarise up to 200 videos a month.
A very valuable tool, if you are short of time and want the summary instantly!
SnapEdit – AI Photo Editor
Yazdi Tantra, 31 May 2024
SnapEdit is a one of the best photo editing apps using artificial intelligence (AI) with a mission to make your editing easy, smooth and fun. Transform your photos like never before with SnapEdit which is designed to effortlessly...
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