Storage Sense Settings in Windows
If you find your hard-disk getting full or your Windows computer getting sluggish, you might like to do some clean-up using Storage Settings.
Just head to Settings from the Start button and look for Storage Settings. Once there, you may like to switch on Storage Sense. Having done this, you will be able to automate some clean-up options like:
1. Uninstall unused or undesired apps and features;
2. Delete temporary files;
3. Manage large folders including videos and images; and
4. Keep the clutter off your PC.
You can select how often you want the clean-up process to run automatically and then leave it for your Windows operating system to do the rest!
This relatively hidden feature, which is switched off by default, can go a long way to rid your PC of all unwanted and unnecessary files and, in some cases, make it faster and more efficient. Do try it and feel the difference!
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