Stock manipulation: Dalal Street Investments
Moneylife Digital Team 10 June 2015

A perfect example of a pump and dump stock, Dalal Street Investments rose by 11600% and soon declined 97% 


Listed on the BSE in 2001, Dalal Street Investments (DSI) ostensibly deals in shares and securities. Over the past four quarters ended March 2015, DSI reported total revenue of just Rs19 lakh and a net loss of Rs36 lakh. With a market-cap of Rs9 crore as on 28 May 2015, over the past nine years, the stock price movement of DSI has been amazing. It rallied smoothly and unimpeded from around Rs100 in March 2006 to a peak of Rs11,700 in June 2011, a rise of 11,600%. The smooth rally was a result of the stock being locked in its upper circuit of 2%, on each day that it was traded, day after day! Even the global financial crisis did not create any volatility in the stock. After hitting this peak, it started trending downward. This time, again, the downtrend was predictable, constantly hitting the lower circuit. From June 2011 to 26 May 2015, the stock declined by as much as 97%, from Rs11,700 to Rs306. On an average, there were just four or five trades each time the stock was traded since March 2006. In June 2013, DSI was debarred from trading in securities by SEBI for not complying with the minimum public shareholding requirement.

V ganesan
8 years ago
In indian market only speculators and manipulators are making money.It is ridiculous for cairn indiato be merged with vedanda one is a cash rich zero debt company and the other is huge debt in its books.Now it is the turn of sun tv .Recently one of my broker friend office one new person came and bought huge quantity in tamilnadu petro some 15 days back. I have surprised to see that person is a fool. TOday it proved i am the fool .The stock of tn petrohit upper circuit today after the news of ioc is buying.And another think regarding morganstanley including china A SHARES IN GLOBAL PORTFOLIO.Yesterday ms said it has deferred the issue.People have knowledge about this shorted in indian equioties .today they covered.My humble reques to NSE BSE SEBI AND GOVT OF INDIA Please ban futures and options segment in both the exchanges.Allow only index futures and options.And one more scam i suspect is block deals.when securities lending and borrowing is available through exchange platform.But is not take of .But through block deals how the seller got shares it is unknown.GOLD INVESTMENT IS SAFE IN INDIA EITHER FOR INVESTING OR FOR JEWELEERY.
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