Speech Timer: Monitor Your Speech Time
If you are a regular speaker and have difficulty in timing your speeches, this is the right app for you. It sports a colour-coded countdown timer which shows you how much time you have left to complete your speech.
There are several buttons for configuring standard pre-defined time settings for the green, yellow and red progress signals. You may touch a time setting display to adjust the time setting for a custom time value at any time before starting a speech.
Hitting ‘Start’ will time the speech and progress through white, green, yellow and red progress signals, with an optional disqualification signal. Hitting ‘Stop’ will stop the timer and display the speech time.
The first letter of the colour is also displayed for colour-blind users. Sound and vibrate preferences are provided for blind speakers. A preference to control display of time during speech to better conform to Toastmaster International (tm) practices. Two custom time buttons may be configured in preferences.
A very nifty tool for those who routinely overstep their defined time-limits!
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