Shoebox: Store All Your Pictures, Safely
If you are looking for a great storage option to store ALL your photos, without any limitations on the space occupied, go for Shoebox. Install it on your computer and on any other device—Android, Windows or iPhone—and all your photos will be auto-synchronised. It is 100% private and encrypted with security levels used at banks.
By default, all photos are stored chronologically with 256-bit industry standard encryption. You can create folders within the gallery and share them with friends who will also need to have the app. The free version compresses your photos, which is good enough for computer/screen viewing. However, if you need to print in large sizes, you may have to go for a Pro Plan. You also have the option to sync videos and your Facebook photos. You can then browse the photos, based on location, camera, time of day, season and many more options.
An interesting aspect of this app is that it gives you ‘This Day in History’—once you have been using the app for more than a year, every day, it will pop up pictures that you took on that day—one year ago, five years ago, or even 10 years ago! A wonderful way to bring back memories and review your pictures if you don’t have the time to do it manually. You have the option to share old memories also with friends and family, bringing smiles on their faces.
Don’t risk losing photos if your hard disk crashes or you lose your phone. Get My Shoebox and you are always safe!
R Balakrishnan
6 years ago
Excellent information. Thanks for sharing this
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