SEBI Simplifies Requirements for Issuance of Duplicate Securities Certificates
Moneylife Digital Team 27 May 2022
Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) has simplified the procedure and documentation requirements for issuance of duplicate securities certificates in order to make the process more efficient and investor friendly. Operational guidelines for processing investors' service requests for the purpose of issuance of duplicate securities certificates have been put in place. 
SEBI has also listed the documents that are required to be submitted by security-holders while requesting for issuance of duplicate securities certificates. 
This move comes after the market watchdog reviewed the process followed by the registrars to an issue and share transfer agents (RTAs) and the issuer companies for issuance of duplicate securities certificates. It has also taken into consideration the feedback received from investors and recent regulatory changes. 
With regard to documents required to be submitted by a security-holder while requesting for issuance of duplicate securities certificates, Sebi said a copy of the FIR, including e-FIR, necessarily having details of the securities, folio number, distinctive number range and certificate numbers will be required. 
In addition, issuance of advertisement regarding loss of securities in a widely circulated newspaper and submission of affidavit and indemnity bond in a prescribed format will be required, according to a circular. 
"There shall be no requirement of submission of surety for issuance of duplicate securities," SEBI said. 
1 month ago
Where is the document available for people to go through the same and comment .
1 month ago
The report appears incomplete in as much as it omits exemptions granted where the value of shares is below Rs 5,00,000
Replied to reghu comment 1 month ago
Value below 500000 pertains to Transmission of shares in case of sole holder , this is a welcome change for Duplicate Certificate , it needs to be updated with RTA s as soon as possible ,
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