SEBI fines 3 entities for violating disclosure norms
MDT/PTI 02 November 2012

In three separate orders, SEBI said it has imposed a fine Rs50,000 on JMD Telefilms Industries, another Rs75,000 on a Avishek Bose and slapped a penalty of Rs45,000 on Gulistan Vanijya Pvt Ltd

Mumbai: SEBI has imposed a total penalty of Rs1.70 lakh on three entities for not making requisite disclosures related to shares of Livingroom Lifestyle.


In three separate orders, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) said it has imposed a fine Rs50,000 on JMD Telefilms Industries, another Rs75,000 on Avishek Bose and slapped a penalty of Rs45,000 on Gulistan Vanijya Pvt Ltd.


SEBI in the orders dated 31 October 2012 said that considering the facts and circumstances of the case the penalty “shall be commensurate with the violations committed by the noticee.”


Pursuant to receiving a complaint, SEBI initiated an probe in the scrip of Livingroom Lifestyle (now known as Chisel & Hammer Mobel Ltd) for the period 11th February to 25th November 2010.


The regulator said Avishek Bose was the top client who contributed 9.95% to the gross market buy. Bose had 8.27% stake in the Livingroom Lifestyle which were purchased from the two of the company’s promoters.


SEBI alleged that Bose transferred his stake to Gulistan Vanijya which subsequently gave them to JMD Telefilms Industries.


None of the three entities, however, made any disclosure regarding their shareholdings as required under the norms.


SEBI said failure on the part of the entities to make the necessary disclosures on time had deprived the investors of the important information at the “relevant point of time.”


The regulator said it observed that the entities had “concealed the vital information which was detrimental to the interest of investors in securities market.”


In an another order, the market regulator has slapped a Rs1 lakh fine on Abhigam Consultants for failing to disclose the share acquisition in formations to the stock exchanges in the prescribed time period of four days.


The matter relates to acquisition of shares/voting rights of Transpek Finance by Abhigam Consultants in December last year.


“...impose a consolidated penalty of Rs1 lakh...on the noticee (Abhigam Consultants)...penalty is commensurate with the violations committed by the noticee,” SEBI said in its order.


SEBI said Abhigam Consultants on 5 December 2011 acquired 5.59 lakh shares/voting rights amounting to 15.66% stake in Transpek Finance through inter-se transfer of the shares on 5 December 2011.


The regulator said the entity failed to inform the same to the stock exchanges within the prescribed period of four working days and informed the information only on 31 January 2012—a delay of 36 working days.


SEBI said it had granted an exemption to the company from making public offer on account of inter-se transfer of the shares among the qualifying persons.


In addition, as per SEBI’s regulation, the entity was required to intimate the stock exchange where the shares of the target company are listed, about the details of the proposed acquisition at least four working days prior to the purchase.


“However, it is observed that the noticee undisputedly failed to intimate the same within the prescribed period, and intimated only on 31 January 2012 i.e. a delay of 44 working days,” SEBI said.

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