SBI Customer Denied Entry into Branch for Wearing Shorts; SBI Resolves Complaint
Moneylife Digital Team 22 November 2021
Last week, a State Bank of India (SBI) customer had claimed that he was denied entry at one of the branches of India’s largest public lender because he was wearing shorts. The customer, who goes by the name Ashish on Twitter, shared his grievance against SBI. 
Ashish tweeted, “Hey @TheOfficialSBI went to one of your branch today wearing shorts, was told that I need to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to 'maintain decency'. 
“Is there some sort of an official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear?" he asked, tagging the State-run lender. The tweet quickly went viral.
Soon enough, many other customers shared similar experiences with SBI as well as other public sector banks. 
“Can you please point me to a dress code for customers?" Ashish asked SBI. In response to a twitter query, he explained, “The gist is I entered the branch, a peon told me to come back in full pants, I said where is the rule written, the entire staff started shouting at me, I retorted back, and came back after asking the process to close the account (which is why I had gone to the bank)."
Eventually, SBI’s customer-care team responded on twitter to say, “There is no policy or prescribed dress code for our customers. They can dress up as per their choice and may consider the locally acceptable norms/tradition/culture for a public place like bank branch. We request you to share the branch code/ name where you faced this issue. We will look into this.” 
Thomas Franco, ex-SBI and former general secretary of All India Bank Officers' Confederation  (AIBOC) wrote: “Customers can come in with dress of their choice. I as a staff in Nagaland have gone to RM with shorts driving my bullet. Customers used to come in their customary dress without shirt with a kind of loin cloth also. In Tamil Nadu, people come in lungi, shorts.”
While Twitter appears to be divided over the viral tweet from Ashish, with some urging ‘basic decency’ while visiting bank branches, Ashish shared an update to say the chief manager (admin), Joy Chakraborty, visited his house and resolved the issue personally and he would like to close the complaint.
In 2017, in a similar incident,  Nikhil Wagh, a cricketer was denied entry to a SBI branch for wearing Bermuda shorts. This happened at the Small and Medium Industries Urban Loan Centre of SBI near Hirabaug, Tilak Road. 
Even back then, Archana Bapat, chief general manager (administration), SBI had said, “The customers do not have to follow any dress code while coming to the bank, and what clothes to wear is completely a matter of their personal choice. No bank can deny entry to customers due to the clothes that he/she is wearing.”
2 months ago
I see lot of girls in nano and micro pants in banks
Replied to saharaaj comment 2 months ago
Girls are ok ????
2 months ago
This is bank thats why customers dare to do such theatrics in public, if people are so dare devil go to Govt offices and RBI with your shorts and start complaining in twitter.
2 months ago
So; well clad, semi-nude, and almost-nude : every preference seems acceptable in a Public place in the world's largest Democracy. How funny! Let there be some common guidelines for attire also.
Kamal Garg
Replied to manajitmajumder879 comment 2 months ago
In my opinion, the 'defensive' reply by SBI senior management is deplorable. A bank is a public place where people come to transact their banking business requirement and not to loiter around in a short - well clad/semi-nude/almost-nude, whatever it is. There may not a written policy on how a customer should dress and there has to be decency and basic acceptable behaviour norm depending upon the local acceptable cultural norms. While wearing a lungi is well accepted attire in TN but definitely not in Punjab, for that matter.
One must respect the decency in public behaviour and not raise a hackle every time on such non-issues.
2 months ago
This is a good clarification. With climate change, it is high time that dress codes for staff were also changed, and everybody was allowed to come in half-pants or shorts. And that should include bank staff, whose summer uniform can include shorts and skirts as applicable.
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