Saved Messages / Reminders in Telegram
With so many rumours and messages on privacy issues of WhatsApp, many are shifting to Telegram and Signal. Apart from several other additional features on Telegram, one interesting feature is Saved Messages and setting Reminders. To save a message, just select that message and tap on Forward. When you are asked where to forward the message, select Saved Messages. This message will now be available in your Saved Messages and you can refer to it any time in the future. All saved messages can be seen / accessed from any of your other devices, including your desktop computer. Saved messages can also include files received or sent in Telegram. Thus, you can securely save messages / files onto the Telegram Cloud.
To set a reminder, just tap on the Menu and select Saved Messages. Then type out whatever your reminder message is. Instead of hitting Send, long-press the Send button and you will get an option to ‘Set a Reminder’. Select the date and time and the reminder is set for you!
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