Rotavirus is the bogeyman to make money

Disease mongering occurs at a feverish pitch in the vaccination industry, one of the richest medical industries, mostly controlled by the Forbes’ list toppers in the west. Our best bet to avoid diseases is to strengthen our inbuilt immune guard, the healer within

“There is no logic to science. Scientists create and adhere to scientific theories for what are ultimately subjective and even irrational reasons. It can not be denied that the chief engine of human destructiveness has been the phenomenal success of science in the 20th century”—
Paul Karl Feyerabend, in Against Method written in 1975

Vaccination is a big business. While reductionist chemical drugs to treat diseases might have been a boon to the western pharmaceutical companies, vaccination has come as a windfall to them. The clientele for vaccination is the whole world of the new-born babies, a business that will thrive even if the whole of humanity gets rid of diseases. So the rich and the powerful are in this business—big names like Bill Gates, Gavi Alliance are no exception if one cares to read the findings of The Lancet investigations into Bill Gates’s so called charity vis-à-vis vaccines. Gavi Alliance lures poorer countries’ governments with subsidized vaccines when new vaccines are put out in the market. Once the vaccination catches up they naturally withdraw the subsidy making the governments pay through their nose to the greedy drug firms pushing that country deeper into the debt trap! Single dose rotavirus vaccine costs double digit dollars to buy in the regular market!

Corporate business thrives on profit as per the dictates of Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith’s teacher, who propounded the theory that “corporate business should concentrate only on profit irrespective of consequences.” As long as pharma companies make money consequences are not their problem! Now comes the bogey of rotavirus vaccine for childhood diarrhoea in India. Thank God, the British Medical Journal, surprisingly, commissioned two Indian researchers, Jacob Puliyal and Joseph Mathew, to give their opinion on this new virus vaccine. Their paper is now published in that journal. I strongly appeal to all our doctors that have anything to do with vaccinations to read that article. One has also to read the opposing view in the same journal to know how we sell our ideas to the readers!

Our netas in Delhi, who worry about the health of their beloved subjects day in and day out, should get the article explained to them by people who understand what is written there. Sooner this is done the better as the powerful company will very soon lobby (not corruption) the Indian government dangling the Gavi Alliance carrot of subsidy to make Rotavirus vaccination compulsory. This is despite the fact that the mild diarrhoeal disease that might result from that poor virus could be controlled with rehydration alone if the Indian poor children could be given nutritious food for their much serious deadly disease NIDS (nutritional immune deficiency syndrome) to begin with. Millions of children in poor countries die of NIDS. But No. If there could be a vaccine for NIDS, I am sure all our above mentioned infracaninophiles (underdog lovers) would have come forward to push the same all over the world!

Rotavirus diarrhoea does not kill, bacterial diarrhoeas could kill. Even the deadly cholera could be controlled if we could keep up the hydration in the patient for long enough for the germ to get out of the system! In the west now adult bacterial diarrhoeas caused by such simple non-virulent strains like Clostridium deficile cannot be controlled by the most powerful antibiotics or vaccines and the patients die unless they are given clean SHIT from a healthy donor through the Ryle’s tube into the patients gut, nicknamed a faecal transplant. This effective treatment was in vogue in veterinary science since the 1700s.

The concept of faecal transplant teaches us once again that the future of germ theory is not vaccination and chemical drugs but strengthening our immune system. Faecal transplant does just that by replacing our gut, the headquarters of our immune system, with the friendly germs that keep us healthy. Germs are our friends and we have them in us even in our meta-genome where human genes are just about 25,000 while the germ genes like germinomes, virinomes and metabolomes are as much as two to three trillion. The germ theory of disease has been a bane for mankind but a boon for the drug and vaccine industries. The famous American physician of the early part of the last century, Theobald Smith, told us: “while diseases could be directly related to the virulence of the cause, they are inversely proportionate to the resistance of the host.” If only we could concentrate on the latter half of the Grimm’s Law healthcare would be very inexpensive and the need for vaccines, which are of dubious value anyway, and the expensive chemical drugs could be obviated.

I strongly recommend all doctors to read the above mentioned BMJ study by the two Indian experts for the good of mankind. While we have some “big” drug pushers among our fraternity in every metropolitan city, we still have the altruistic Puliyals and Mathews. Their study tells us about the futility of vaccination which is sold using the statistical tricks of Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) while suppressing the most useful Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) and the need to treat a large number unnecessarily to get a very small good effect (NNT). The study also gives us the details of the enormous cost involved in making rotavirus vaccine universal in India, while the vaccine will be next to useless in Indian children. Statistics has been the biggest weapon in the hands of the greedy drug lobby to sell the ideas to gullible doctors. One would do well to read this small book, Science without Sense, by an American professor of statistics, Steven Milloy, to understand the hidden hand behind pharmacy claptrap.

The very foundation of the vaccination protection hypothesis has been now scientifically seriously questioned. An Australian worker, in his PhD thesis, has debunked the statistical science of vaccination success. If one has to have real immunity against any disease one must have that disease and survive. Provoking antibodies and measuring their levels in blood after vaccination is not synonymous with disease protection.

With an exception of the 1918-1919 Spanish ‘flu epidemic, the rest of the so called ‘flu epidemics have mostly been scare-mongering techniques and not real pandemics as is believed by the gullible public. In a nice editorial “Do epidemiologists cause epidemics? The Lancet asks and answers the above question positively. One could gauge the gravity of the situation from the abstract of a key note address by Glen Nowak at the 2004 “Flu vaccination summit” organized jointly by the CDC and the American Medical Association, where Nowak emphasized the need to create interest in and demand for flu vaccination all over the world.

An earlier Lancet review found out that ‘flu vaccines in infants are useless, if not dangerous”. Mark Sircus quotes Dr Eleanor McBean who was an on-the-spot observer of the infamous 1918 influenza, when he said, “As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations, so we remained well all the time.”

Disease mongering occurs in every field. In case of vaccination industry, one of the richest medical industries, mostly controlled by the Forbes’ list toppers in the west, disease mongering occurs at a feverish pitch. Every year at least twice the industry creates panic among the world populace. They have been successful in brainwashing even the governments in the third world countries that bend over backwards to help the industry grow rich at the cost of the poor taxpayers’ money. India is one such nation in the forefront of the vaccination bandwagon.

Like many other things in modern medicine we depend on surrogate markers! It is time we start thinking afresh in the field of human illness and wellness with the new quantum reality of the world where the human mind and the body are but the same. Although I have been saying for decades that quantum physics has changed medicine, it is only last month that The Lancet brought out a full issue on quantum physics which doctors will do well to read. Coming from the west it is more respectable compared with what I have been writing. The body is but a bundle of energy. Disease is altered energy pattern which could now be assessed with Fritz-Albert Popp’s bio-photon camera. Time has come to think of the new Post Modern Medicine about which I have been writing a new book.

Vaccine industry, in collaboration with the rich and the powerful, has been at its best in disease mongering. The germs are not our enemies but friends. Our life on this earth, along with trillions of germs inside and out with us, depends on our immune system. Our best bet to avoid diseases is to strengthen our inbuilt immune guard, the healer within. Ayurveda’s main thrust is building the immune guard. Poor man’s immune guard depends on three square meals a day and a clean surrounding to live. Let our powers be think of those first! Quantum physics has taught us how to destroy bad germs inside the system in case of need using energy waves. People are working overtime to find out the needed frequencies to zap germs causing diseases without harm to the body. David Wootton, professor of history in York University, in his classic Bad Medicine-Doctors doing harm since Hippocrates (Oxford University Press 2006), brings out graphically how over the years gullible doctors’ blind faith in the medical claptrap has been harming mankind. Most germ-related disease death rates touched the nadir long before any vaccine, serum or antibiotic was ever discovered, according to Thomas McKeown in his classic Limits of Medicine!

“Thomas McKeown was a rhetorically powerful critic, from the inside, of the medical profession's mid-20th-century love affair with curative and scientific medicine. He emphasized instead the importance of economic growth, rising living standards, and improved nutrition as the primary sources of most historical improvements in the health of developed nations,” wrote  Simon Szreter in the American Journal of Public Health in 2002

Even Louis Pasteur and Paul Ehrlich, the founders of the germ theory, eventually had spoken about the supremacy of the soil over the seed. Germ theory lives on scare mongering and the industry rides piggyback on fear of disease thus generated. Small pox is the only disease the medical world has been able to eradicate using a very low technique of Indian vaccination system taken to England by Dr TZ Holwell FRCP, FRS, after 20 years’ prospective study in The Bengall in 1767. Holwell’s original paper is still in the Royal College of Physicians of London library inside a glass case.  Edward Jenner was wrongly credited for his cow pox vaccine. Today we know that cow pox is totally different from small pox. Long live mankind in spite of the human greed.

  “Let us follow the truth whither so ever it leads”—Socrates

  “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed—Adolf Hitler

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(Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, Chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London.)

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  • Indian science needs a paradigm shift

    People can be taken for a ride easily in the name of science. Anything can be sold if it is labelled as scientific. The idea is to make the erstwhile colonies remain subservient to the western thinking. Will our leaders bring in the change or would they still prefer the status quo which is quite lucrative business for them too?

    “Fight for what you believe in, for if you don’t you will be forever fighting against yourself”—
    Keisha Keenleyside

    Indian science, including medical science, needs a complete paradigm shift. We have been deluded by the colonial science for too long to realise that we are being taken for a ride. The king of sciences, western physics, is now coming closer to Indian Sankya wisdom. The latest finding that matter and energy are but the two faces of the same coin in quantum physics, is nothing but the ancient concept of advaita. Unfortunately, even our own people mistake advaita as just a religious thought.  Hans Peter Durr's adualtiy is nothing but the advaita concept of our ancient wisdom.

    Western science-based technology might appear to have made our life easier with communication, travel, and in many other areas. Therefore life superficially looks much more comfortable now. What we miss out are the side-effects of all those technological advances. Many of them make life miserable at a later date. Cell phone is an example. Already there is an epidemic of acoustic neurinoma, a tumour of the eighth nerve. People have lost the exercise habit thanks to many of the gadgets that have makes life monotonous and boring in addition to people becoming couch potatoes. Sitting jobs like IT sweat shops have led to increased heart diseases as sitting in one place for prolonged periods of time makes the heart function less and get prone to many ailments. Personal social contacts have become rarer since the advent of communication facilities like telephones, SMSs, and many other facilities leading to depression and many other social illnesses. Healthy large families of the past have all but disappeared to the detriment of the future generation's well-being.

    Pesticides and fertilisers have ruined human health. A recent study of cord blood of a new-born in the US showed more than two hundred such chemicals. The earth has lost its normal habitat of earthworms and many other species which were making the earth fertile and allowing it to breathe oxygen. Now the chemicals have destroyed all the eco systems of the earth. In a few more years from now this earth could be totally worthless. Dangerous chemicals in soaps, detergents, lotions and cosmetics have resulted in multiple human ailments. To give one example, triclosan, a deadly chemical used in cosmetics, was found in breast milk. The pro-oestrogens in lipsticks have increased the breast size which is a prelude to breast cancer.

    Large-scale deforestation, polluting the rivers with deadly chemicals, nuclear damage from decaying material and leaky nuclear reactors pose a threat to human life all over the globe. Advertisements, most of which are false, have made people want to buy things that they do not really need at the time. It creates an artificial need and economic ruination of the poorer nations to fill the coffers of the richer nations. Kenneth Galbraith in his classic, Affluent Society, written in 1956, showed how this system operates! Monetary economy is one of the leading causes of human ills. The “I-owe-you” economy of the west is percolating down to our thrifty economy of the Indian past where people bought things only when they really needed them.

    The pseudo scientific temper makes people absolutists which is not good in the long run. Multivists and critical thinkers are hard to come by. Therefore, people can be taken for a ride easily in the name of science. Poor people get excited about the word ‘science’. Anything can be sold if it is labelled as scientific. Faking science research, especially in the statistical medical science base, has become the rule rather than exception. Science is not sacrosanct; it is only one of the many routes to human wisdom, certainly not the only one. The idea is to make the erstwhile colonies remain subservient to the western thinking. Even in the free democracies, western ideas and thought are better respected than their own innate native wisdom to the detriment of society in general and the literate segment of it in particular.

    Modern western medical business can not thrive only in the west as the populations there are shrinking fast. They have to sell their goods in the less developed, thickly populated countries. One of the reasons why they push western science in those poor countries is to make a good business for themselves. The nuclear reactors, multiple scientific techniques, medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can only thrive in the third world countries. It is also easy to influence the leaders of those nascent democracies as most, if not all, of them are corrupt. Democracy, admitted Winston Churchill, was one of the worst forms of government but he felt that there was no better system at that time. Today those democracies have become true banana republics.


    “Corrupt pay-offs to foreign officials in order to secure lucrative contracts creates an inherently uneven marketplace and puts honest companies at a disadvantage,” said James McJunkin of the FBI’s Washington field office, in a statement some time ago when some of the giants of US drug companies were under the scanner. In China, for instance, large US drug giant officials rewarded government physicians who prescribed large amounts of the company’s medications by inviting them to meetings and conferences with “extensive entertainment activities”. In Croatia, government doctors were given a portion of the proceeds from company's sales of drugs to the doctors' own institutions.

    In Bulgaria, local representatives shelled out $28,000 to invite government doctors on so-called “incentive trips” to Greece, as a way to reward those of them who were the biggest prescribers of their products. They also paid $17,000 to send doctors to medical conferences, once again, in exchange of prescribing their drugs. The case against this drug giant came as the US government probed other drug makers, including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, AstraZeneca Plc, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co and GlaxoSmithKline Plc for possibly violating an overseas anti-bribery law barring employees or those acting on their behalf from paying bribes to officials of foreign governments to either obtain or retain business.


    “These improper payments were variously made to influence regulatory and formulary approvals, purchase decisions, prescription decisions, and to clear customs. The above mentioned drug makers are not alone in the business of bribery. Retail giant Wal-Mart was in the spotlight earlier following a New York Times report that said the company paid out $24 million with bribes in Mexico as a way of streamlining construction projects.

    Science is also used to keep the third world poor. Perpetuating poverty is the best insurance against continued exploitation of the poor masses that end up paying for their poverty with their lives! The moon mission in India is an example. While more than 67 million malnourished children were dying by thousands daily for want of nutritious food, we were hell-bent on a moon mission which ate up nearly 1,00,000 crore rupees of the taxpayers’ money. Of course, this amount comes back to many in the game. The government is advised by the western brainwashed scientists who have no touch with reality. They are only bothered about the nano problems of the world while the Giga problems like hunger, illness, illiteracy and ignorance are staring at our face!

    Medical claptrap brain washes the medical profession that the western medicine is the best that there is and all other systems are unscientific. This myth was also created by the vested interests to sell their wares in the name of science. Corruption is rampant both in conventional sciences and in medical science, in fact, wherever there is money involved corruption has taken root. In fact, serious studies have shown that the western modern medicine has become the leading cause of death even in the USA. Such studies do not get read by the powers that be and their cronies. The bosses go by the advice of their western masters. Cancer treatment, one of the most expensive industries, is being worshipped by our doctors while the whole truth is that there have been concerted efforts in the past to suppress all good alternate methods of cancer management to sell these deadly reductionist chemicals, mutilative surgery and radiation. A recent study showed that nearly 90% of cancer surgery could be avoided without changing the final outcome!

    Real science has changed completely as suggested above and that makes human health and illness get a new meaning. Human body is but an illusion of the human mind. All illnesses are in the mind and their management needs to cater to the mind first with change of lifestyle and a good diet. Medical treatment would then become reachable to the poor as well. Will our leaders listen to this sane advice and bring in the change or would they still prefer the status quo which is quite lucrative business for them too?


     “If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a non-working cat”—Douglas Adams


    To read more articles from the same writer, click here.

    (Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, Chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London.)

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    Ankur Bhatnagar

    8 years ago

    The biggest problem is not science but corruption. I am sorry but the author, in spite of his best intentions doesn't seem to be recommending anything clearly. If at all, he seems recommending going back to the Stone Age.

    Sir, are you suggesting that we should believe in matter-energy equivalence because it is written in some old book, not because we can model it in theory and test it practically (Western physics)?

    Third world (at least India) is poor not because of Western science but because of our corrupt leaders.

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