RiteTag: Best Hashtag Suggestions
If you are a regular on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you should be using many tags to drive traffic to your site. The only problem is with identifying which tags are popular and will be instantly trending. RiteTag gives you instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts on your desktop and mobile. Their suggestions engine works on artificial intelligence (AI) in real-time, which will ensure maximum engagement for your posts.
All you have to do is to login to RiteTag with your Facebook or Instagram credentials and start typing your own hashtags—RiteTag will instantly suggest the most appropriate tag to get you the maximum hits on your post.
An extremely simple and easy to use tool to maximise the reach of your social media posts.
Scribe: Create Visual Documentation
Yazdi Tantra, 02 July 2022
Scribe is a very cool documentation and screenshots tool, delivered as a Chrome extension. If you like to create visual documentation for yourself or your team, Scribe lets you do it simply by recording the step-by-step instructions...
Fakespot: Detect Fake Reviews
Yazdi Tantra, 24 June 2022
Fakespot is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps you detect fake reviews and scams. It is a Chrome extension which needs to be installed one-time. The extension is free to use. Whenever you visit shopping websites like...
WordTune: Convert Your Thoughts into Words
Yazdi Tantra, 18 June 2022
WordTune is a Chrome extension which helps you convert your thoughts into words. Whether it is Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, WordTune will always be there to help you say exactly what you mean through clear,...
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