Remove Background from Photos
This is a very simple website which does what it says—it just removes the background from any of your photos. More often than not, when we have wonderful pics, they are marred by the background and it is painfully difficult to remove.
In such cases, you just need to head to and upload your pic there. And, within seconds, you can get the same pic without the background. The AI (artificial intelligence) engine, which drives the entire process, is very efficient and can give you the pic with a transparent background almost instantly. You could use this for portraits, pets and even objects.
And, if you want more than the original with a transparent background, you may automatically turn that image into a design with another elaborate background with a single click! With a variety of embellishments available, you can surprise yourself and your friends with an excellent pic with a background of your choice!
2 years ago
yes I have used it before. works great
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