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The Internet is the world’s largest library containing millions of books, artefacts, images, documents, maps, etc. There is one small problem in this library: everything is scattered about on the floor, with growing hordes of confused and bewildered users frantically sifting through the maze, occasionally crying out, “Great Scott, look at what I just found!” is a website which is a universal encyclopaedia of sorts. It has numerous sections organised by topics and can become a gateway to your search for knowledge across the world. Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube are all at your fingertips. So are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can search from Wikipedia, encyclopaedias, dictionaries (including medical & legal), thesaurus, people, news, driving directions and a lot more.
Daily News, Crosswords, humour, jokes, Sudoku, and much more, can engage a variety of users with myriad interests. Updates on computer virus, health, science and technology are also refreshed each day. Since 1995, Refdesk is a free and family-friendly website that indexes and reviews quality, credible and current web-based resources. A true reference desk for all your needs! 
Sanjeev Dhabre
8 years ago
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