Railways minister Pawan Kumar Bansal resigns
Moneylife Digital Team 10 May 2013

Bansal’s resignation comes after his nephew Vijay Singla was arrested last Friday for allegedly trying to fix the promotion for a member in the railway board 

Beleaguered railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has resigned from his post on Friday. The move comes after his nephew Vijay Singla was arrested last Friday for allegedly trying to fix the promotion for a member in the railway board. 
Political sources said labour minister Mallikarjun Kharge is likely to be appointed as the new railway minister.
Singla, son of Bansal’s sister and one of the leading businessmen in the region, was picked up by a CBI team from New Delhi on Friday evening. He was at his residence at Panchkula, near Chandigarh at the time.
CBI sources have said that the agency will soon interrogate Bansal to follow up on allegations of his involvement in the case. The sources said the agency is acting on “grave suspicions”.
Bansal's name has allegedly been mentioned in several of over a 1,000 phone calls that the CBI has tracked over the last few months in its investigation of alleged bribery and corruption in the Railways. The CBI also alleges that the man who sought to bribe Mr Bansal's nephew for a transfer, Mahesh Kumar, has said during interrogation that he negotiated the alleged deal with Singla at several meetings held at the railway minister's official residence in Delhi.
Bansal had reportedly offered to resign a few days ago, but top Congress leaders had decided to wait until after investigations in the case were over. The new allegations had, however, made it untenable for the minister to continue.
Arun Mehta
9 years ago
Rly Board with a massive Budget needs a special scrutity at all levels Right from Chairman to the postings at the 'manned' railway crossings/Khalasi's and class four employees.There is premium to be paid in 'Cash' or 'kind' for each appointments..What and how much depends on the 'Laws of Demand and supply" at any given time.MP's will never ask for a probe as long their extended families get the free A/C Passes to roam the country.
anantha ramdas
9 years ago
We need to ask Canara Bank Board how come they chose this new director? What were the considerations?

Why not ask all banks to identify what their special considerations for choosing an
"independent" director? Should s/he be "related" (close, distant?) for this?

What was RBI doing? An appointment of this nature does not require some sort of clearancce by higher authorities?
ashwin bahl
Replied to anantha ramdas comment 9 years ago
These guys need to go thru -

Know Your Director and Board just like we the aam admi have to undergo red tape with KYC always!
ashwin bahl
9 years ago
we are also waiting for many other cases for a logical and conclusive end like Kalmadis, Rajas, Kripa Shankar Singhs, Kodas and god knows how many more !

This will also drag on and fade away and he will be brought in thru the back door again as clean chits will be given out or no proof found.....lage raho.

p.s. the only case having some moments is the Jagan Reddy case, and dont we all know why ?
If he falls in line, this will also fade away
9 years ago
Arun Mehta
9 years ago
What an waste of an opportunity for Congress party,when they got the Rail Bhawan after nearly 10 years only to be occupied by a "dud' coin of minister whose only qualification was of being loyal to the party.
Gopalakrishnan T V
9 years ago
At last wisdom has dawned on the PM and the Railway Minister Stands sacked. Corruption and Nepotism cannot be and should not be tolerated. Now there is an urgent need to further follow up. How Mr Bansal could appoint his Accountant as nominee Director in Canara Bank. Is there no fit and proper criteria in appointing nominee directors to PSBs? The Loans sanctioned by Canara bank to the firms associated with the Nominee director and Mr Bansal need to be probed as in terms of Section 20 of BRAct 1949, connected Lending is prohibited and from this angle detailed Scrutiny is called for.
Vaibhav Dhoka
9 years ago
Let us hope Bansals case is taken to logical end in view of recent observation of Supreme Court on CBI-Caged Parrot.
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