QuickLook: Quick Preview of Files
Whenever we are in the Windows file manager, we have an option to preview our files in the right pane. This is a very useful feature of Windows, but is extremely slow, at times. More so, if you are previewing multiple file formats in quick succession.
QuickLook is a simple app that makes things zippier. Just go to the Microsoft store and look for the QuickLook app, download it and install it. After installation, when you go to the Windows file manager and need to preview any file, just press the space bar and you will immediately get a preview of the file you are on! It is that simple.
It also supports the following actions, as indicated:
Spacebar: Preview / Close Preview
Esc: Close Preview
Enter: Run & Close Preview
Ctrl+Mouse Wheel: Zoom Images/Documents
Mouse Wheel: Adjust Volume
Try it and get a quick preview experience.
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