QNet: MPID Court says activities of the MLM are ‘not legal’
Moneylife Digital Team 01 April 2017

While granting bail to two accused in the multi-crore QNet multi-level marketing (MLM) fraud case, the special Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors (MPID) Court said the activities of the MLM are not legal. The MPID Court granted bail to Srinivas Rao Vanka, Magaral V Balaji and Aditi Mitra.

"I would also like to mention here that prima-facie the activities of QNet seems to be not legal. The reasons for the same is already discussed in the bail orders of the co-accused. Hence pending the final hearing of the petition before the Supreme Court, they cannot be allowed to continue with the same or similar or like illegal activities, "Justice DP Surana said in an order issued on 30 March 2017.

Based on the decision given by the apex court, the MPID Court granted bail to Vanka, Balaji and Mitra on similar terms and condition as stated by the Supreme Court while giving bail to prime accused Michael Ferreira, the former world billiards champion, and his partner Malcolm Nozer Desai last week.

Requesting the MPID Court to reject the bail applications, Gurupreet Singh Anand, the complainant in the case, stated that the Bombay High Court has held the activities of Q­Net as illegal which was confirmed by the Apex Court and as such, the illegal activities should not be continued.

In his order, the Special Judge of MPID Court stated, "The role of applicants (Vanka, Balaji and Mitra), as regards to Section 3 of the MPID Act is concerned, being Director, Independent Representative (IR) or trainer will be less to the role of Michael Ferreira and Malcolm Desai. So also, when the order of the Apex Court, is very clear that there shall be stay on further proceeding in all the 19 first information reports (FIRs) pending hearing and final disposal of the petition, there is no propriety in keeping the applicants too behind the bars."

Earlier, the Bombay High Court had rejected the anticipatory bail applications of all the accused calling the whole business of QNET as “prima facie illegal business”.

The HC order mentioned "The motto of the company 'sell more, earn more' appears very attractive and innocuous. However, this motto is fully camouflaged. The company stands on a basic statement that people can be fooled. Thus, the true motto is 'sell more earn more' by fooling people. In fact it is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money. For that purpose, workshops are conducted where study and business material is provided with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams. Thus, the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-marketing and business."

"It has very grave and serious impact on the economic status and mental health of the people on a large scale. On considering parameters of section 438 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I am not inclined to protect the accused. It will not be out of place to mention that such circulation is required to be stopped. It is necessary for the prosecution to take injunctive steps against this business activity, which is prima facie, illegal.”

Even, the Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO) had termed the whole business of the QI GROUP in India as a “threat to the national security” said the whistle blower Gurupreet Anand who submitted the SFIO report in Bombay High Court as well as Supreme Court of India along with other documents and the Supreme Court had dismissed all special leave petitions (SLPs) filed by all the accused ordering them to surrender within seven days.

In February 2014, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) too had registered a case under the prevention of money laundering act (PMLA) against QNet, Vihaan Direct Selling, Ferreira and QNet founder Vijay Eswaran and three other independent representatives (IRs) of the MLM operator.

Gurupreet Singh Anand, a computer consultant from Lokhandawala, Andheri in his first information report (FIR) stated that his wife was duped for Rs30,000 by some people who had introduced themselves as the independent representatives (IRs) of QNet. Anand told the police, “They (IRs) had said that one of the bio-products my wife bought could be used to treat my 12-year-old son's brain-related diseases.”

Here is the order passed by the MPID Court…
Amrit Kumar Lodha
5 years ago
Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Private Ltd hold all its equity capital
I have been trapped by one college freind Amit Keyal ,from Calcutta University, who had once been a good friend and kind of a guide as well. I trusted him since college and respected him as I thought him to be a simple good man. But I am so mistaken as I released last year when he forced (by lying and showing confidence in him saying he is always there) me to pay him almost 2 Lakhs (I took a loan to give him that money) which he said he would give me back if I am not able to continue the so called e-commerce business (Qnet). Nothing was explained before the payment was made. all details about how the company works and what do i have to do are told after I was already trapped and had no other way but to follow what they say. They ask you to make friends and tell them that I m into a mind blowing business and henceforth trap the victim. I chose not to cheat people. My money is lost because since then I have called and messaged that so called businessman (traitor) numerous times but in vain and now after an year I have almost lost all hope of getting back my money .
But I m happy that I didn't turn into one of those kinds going around cheating my own friends and family.
There are many people making a lot of money out of this totally fraud MLM company. There are other MLM companies as well but they are ethical as they agree to that fact and reveal what a member has to do before trapping someone.

I Can provide Some Contact details hereunder:

Q Net Association in Kolkata and all over world.

Sl.No. Name Mobile No. Mobile No.
22 Amit Keyal +971-566584028
4 Ashish +977-9802036176
1 Avinash +91-9330958969
2 Dayanad Mittal +91-9920350221
8 Deepak Kankani +91-9830783316
20 Hemant Surana +91-8697540123
18 Murtazir Nazar +91-9051061879
13 Nishant Gupta +91-9860779185
19 Saru +91-9830235419
21 Shyam Chaudhry +91-7506226543 +91-9930136801
3 +91-8092084462
5 +91-9980096781
6 +91-8100058258
7 +91-8951174594
9 +977-9845096260
10 +91-9376518122
11 +61-411895943
12 +971-557703213
14 +91-9930761147
15 +91-9167780347
16 +91-9836331256
17 +91-9038082570
18 Babita Agarwal+91-9635276465
6 years ago
Hello Friends,
We have been receiving hundreds of enquiries from QNET VICTIMS across India asking on how to join the FINANCIAL FRAUDS VICTIMS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FFVWA) which is fighting for the LEGAL RIGHTS of the QNET SCAM VICTIMS in SUPREME COURT of India. You can contact us on WHATSAPP on 9137721819 .

Congratulations to all FFVWA on our major mile stone and success in Supreme Court of India.

Before proceeding further I would like to mention that we are contactable on WHATSAPP on 9137721819 and victims can contact me on Whatsapp on this number only as my two phones were stolen in Delhi and my main number 7498053701 could not be recovered.

A brief summary on the need for forming the FFVWA is summarised in the two news stories below:



As you are aware we have successfully fought the best criminal lawyers appearing for QNET SCAM till date including lawyers like Kapil Sibbal, Salman Kurshid, Mahesh Jhetmalani, Abaad Ponda…the list is long. The fight is being fought on LEGAL GROUNDS with good FACTS and DATA. The fight has not been easy and but each and every court that I have appeared and argued my case In-Person I have won inspite of BIG MONEY POWER/PRESSURES etc from the QNET SCAM supporters.

You can become part of our organisation FINANCIAL FRAUDS VICTIMS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FFVWA) which is fighting for the LEGAL RIGHTS of the QNET SCAM VICTIMS in SUPREME COURT of India by downloading the membership form from

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and filing it properly and sending it across by courier to:
Anuja Kotecha (Joint Secretary)
Flat no 701, Nazreth Niketan,
Charath Singh Colony, Behind Dragon Fly Hotel,
Andheri-east, Mumbai: 400093
After having completed the form please take snapshots of the same and whatsapp to us on 9137721819.

Please beware there are no short cuts to refund, stay away from individuals who promise you refunds illegally using various tactics. Stay united and fight for your rights LEGALLY.

Gurupreet Singh Anand
Anuja Kotecha & FFVWA
Ekta Chanda
6 years ago
It will be surprise to you after reading the truth Your friend Navin is doing a business if he call you for any business opportunity I have experience of his business this is a true experience what he has done with us..So please be aware of these frauds before investing with him The person who get me in this fraud Business was my Best Friend His name is NAVIN VASHISTHAV he stays in Mira Road he was working with Reliance Retails and he Make CHUTIYA to Innocent People an take money same thing happens to me HE WORK WITH QNETreally a BIG SCAM COMPANY (Qnet India Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd)
if he call you for any business opportunity plz call me first to know abt this business boz . ... Never ever indulge into this fraud... I was one who is suffering with this...i trust him an start but later I came to know it’s a Chain Business where they are trained to make people fool ...by showing irrelevant facts and useless product they will sure you but don't get trap as they want money out of your pocket and later they will simply take a walk f you doesn't succeed please don't invest or u would say waste your hard earned money This is a true
experience. Until you agree them and do as they directed they will speak in favor with you. Once you are against they will show their true color…beware so please aware of these frauds call me for any clarification 9167122389

imp:- Plzz beware they have Script when they call people to come an invest where poor people get convince to get into it…
Jeevan Prakash
6 years ago
Even I’m cheated from these scam
Ekta Chanda
Replied to Jeevan Prakash comment 6 years ago
we all shud gather an do sum thing abt this boz its getting spread day by day an poor an innocent people are becoming Victim ...
Diagala Nitesh
7 years ago
It's true they are playing with people emotions and making them live in depression they should kicked they fooled the people take the hard money in the name of business they should not be allowed it is dangerous to our society they should be put behind the bars it's deadly dangerous virus to our society
7 years ago
💥📣 HYDERABAD QNETSCAM victims meeting update 📣💥
Dont REGRET later if you miss this meeting, for which we are taking special efforts.

Please gather tomorrow sharp 11AM at Sudarshan 35MM, RTC Cross Road, CHIKKADPALLI, HYDERABAD..
For answers to your questions

Ever since you lost your hard earned money in QNET SCAM, you all have multiple questions and facing multiple issues like:

1. Where and whom to approach for recovering your hard earned money?

2. How to help fight and stop this QNET SCAM?

3. How to teach your CHEATER UPLINES a lesson?

4. Issues regarding the “so called” “REFUND POLICY”.

5. Are you eligible for “Compensations”?

6. Issues regarding action by police authorities.

7. What is the status of the court cases etc

These are an example of just a few issues and concerns you are facing, but there is GOOD NEWS for you all. We have been working overtime to try and bring an end to these woes and issues faced by Victims of Financial Frauds like this QNETSCAM.

So guys and girls coming Sunday i.e 23rd of July 2017 is the BIG DAY finally , Please do join us at 11AM at the above mentioned address and the location is also attached here with.

Please do come and also inform other victims of the QNETSCAM in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andra Pradesh.

For details WhatsApp me on 7498063701 or call on +918978700018 and speak to Mr. Raghav.

Please pass this important message on all WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter etc so all victims of QNETSCAM in Hyderabad and around can attend.

Those who are attending please confirm in advance as we have limited capacity only🙏

Jai Hind
7 years ago
#QNETSCAM & SUPREME COURT MATTER UPDATE - Please read till the end.

Dear Members,

Jai Hind to all. As you are aware I have had fought the QNET SCAM since last 4 years and devoted all these years full time towards taking effort to expose the QNET SCAM because of which millions of innocent people in India are loosing thier hard earned money and due to my efforts the #QNETSCAM had almost come to a stand still.

This fight has had taken a HUGE effort and affected my personal and professional life beyond what can be explained here, though all cases in which I appeared had verdicts coming in favor of the victims of #QNETSCAM

In Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court I have faced the best and most expensive lawyers in India like Mahesh Jhetmalani , Kapil Sibbal, Salman Kurshid , Dushant Dave etc but they could not protect the accused involved in the #QNETSCAM till recently when...

These accused cheated and played FRAUD upon the Supreme Court and obtained an stay order on all proceedings against QNET all over India. It is very very Important for all of us to come together and unite so that this fraud can be exposed and correct facts are brought before the Supreme Court.

To carry forward this fight further I need to move to Delhi and need support from you all without which this fight will come to an end. I request Donations from you all for fighting this #QNETSCAM which is destroying lifes, families and careers and thousands of crores are being laundered out of our country India.

I request donations and the same can be send thru Bank transfer or deposits in my bank account number as below:

Account number: 32280724593

state bank of India, Lokhandwala branch

IFSC: SBIN0013204

Name as in bank records: Gurupreet Singh Anand

You can also donate via Paytm on 7498063701. Any donations big or small are welcome.

Other help in form of a place to stay in Delhi and if anyone has an extra activa or similar gear less two wheeler which I can use is also welcome. If you think you can help in any other ways please whatsapp me on 7498063701


Gurupreet Anand

Please pass this message to all groups, Facebook, Twitter, activists, members and victims of QNETSCAM, please join the fight in exposing the biggest ponzi scheme in India and stop the money being laundered out of our country

Vande Matram

atul gupta
7 years ago

Be ready to fight against QNET/VIHAAN and all your uplines including friend.
1st Option
If your purchase on product receipts is in INR rupees then with in 30 days of purchase or if your purchase is in USD dollar then with in 7 days you can send email to Qnet customer support for refund otherwise Qnet will deny you refund. Then go to 2nd option which all need to go for even after you get refund to get QNET banned from India and to save our brothers & sisters.
1. Get your IR ID and products receipts first. Both will come to your mail box once your upline register your email id on portal. If email id is given wrong by your friend/upline then first send email to Qnet customer support with copy of Pan Card and ask them to update your email id first. Qnet will confirm you updation of your email id. Then call Qnet support and ask your product purchase details.
2. Send a cancellation mail for both products and IR ID to the support team of QNET with a subject line as "REFUND IN****" provinding all details of transactions and product details.Usually IR number will be like IN4444 and all. Attach scanned PAN CARD and product receipts in the mail to them.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
3.Once this mail is sent, the support team will create a CRF number and send to Hong Kong team for approvals for the refund request. It will take 20-30 working days for the refund to be processed by Qnet.
4.Meanwhile, mail them or call them on every alternative days for an update. QNET Numbers are :
5.Once Refund request is completed ,they ask for the mode of payment. Better go for Money transfer to your account, then you have to send a scanned copy of your cancelled account cheque leaf or bank statement.
6.After 20 working days, you will get your money refunded of the product to your bank account.
7.Rest of money left , you collect from your upline by filing complaint in local police station.

2nd Option
pls all go for 2nd option even if you get money refunded as per option 1 by QNET to ban QNET and save indians.
File written complaint/FIR against your friend and all uplines at local police station and write in complaint that QNET is running money circulation scheme which is banned in india as per prize ,chit and money circulation scheme ,1978. Your uplines will be called by police and they will return you money through QNET or themselves as you can not get refund from Qnet after 30 days are over if products purchased through indian portal and after 7 days if purchased through world portal. Warn your uplines that you are going to file complaint/FIR against them. Besides above process kindly by post or by hand send your complaint to THE DCP, ECONOMIC OFFENSES WING, MANDIR MARG, DELHI also to ban QNET by using format of complaint given below.
In your complaint attach uplines photos, mobile numbers, your bank account statement if you transferred money from your account to upline account or cash/DD deposit receipt, pan card, address proof, purchase receipts. Mention in your complaint that meeting took place nearby your home or office otherwise local police will ask you to lodge complaint at police station where actual meeting took place. File complaint at your nearby police station and EOW DELHI both to fight against QNET. Do not sign any affidavit asked by your uplines to give back your money. Follow option 1 or 2 as applicable in your case.
atul gupta
7 years ago
QNET hongkong based MLM company running banned and illegal money circulation scheme since 2001 in india by changing name from Goldquest to Questnet to now QNET through franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling India Private limited, Bangalore duping lakhs of indian investors through its IR trapping friends and relatives in name of Business opportunity as PARTNER and looting money from them by telling them to work as partner in Ecommerce MNC but actually placing them in pyramid scheme of money circulation which is banned in india under prize, chit and money circulation act, 1978. Actual purpose of investment is to engage new person to bring two more person in chain and then those two bring two persons each and this endless chain of bakra making goes on ruining lives, values, relations and hard earned money of Indians. BAN and AVOID QNET, SAVE INDIA!!!!

Binoy Bhaskar
Replied to atul gupta comment 7 years ago
Thanks a lot Atul . we and our friends have lost lot of money and we are trying to get our money back. When we went for the refund they filed a case of harassment against us and sent a legal notice to our house .. Seeing this our parents told to leave the money and concentrate on our job.. Hopefully this gets banned in India as soon as possible ..there are people who have lost 20-30 lakhs RS in it
7 years ago
one gets an idea of how Qnet marketeers talk & "convince" from seeing the comments section...
7 years ago
All those who say qnet is genuine, i would be glad if you guys answer these.
1)Why dont you guys say that you are from qnet while introducing yourself to a new comer.
2) Do you really think that your products are really that worth
3)If it is, i know many victims who are cheated, Are you guys ready to buy their products?
4)You know that qnet indian websites are blocked, still you do transaction via global website....dont you have any respect to indian laws?
5)Why do you really think moneylife is against you guys. What news it has fabricated?
6)Is your model sustainable? I vl be glad if you guys can give me the numbers.(At least say the successful people percentage). I being an 'google economist' have come to a conclusion that 85% people will NEVER get money. I dont say this. Maths say this. If you dont believe, do it your self.
6)Do you guys know the reason why SC gave bail? Dont you guys think that SC will not take any input from those 19 FIRs, Bombay HC order and SFIO report?
7) Always you guys say that 'Dont assume before knowing anything'. Then why dont you guys reveal what is our wrong assumption.
Suhasis Chatterjee
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
You being so google economists stop preaching dining etiquites to millions who starve .You live a cushy life ,so you continue doing so ,we'll continue doing what we do and what we are good at.Its an open market and a land of free enterprise ,we dont rob on gun point rather we believe in the art of convincing people to join hands with us.Even education system has drop outs even after paying admission fees ,tell me how many of you morons dare to lodge a complaint in consumer court after paying the fees and dropping out.There is difference between convincing and duping/coning gullibles.Hope you understand.
Replied to Suhasis Chatterjee comment 7 years ago
Yes, you are absolutely correct,there are millions who are startving paying EMIs to banks, slashing relations with thier friend/relatives because of the only one factor 'QNET'. I am okay that i am a google economist, but dont you have any regards for the laws of the country.Your Questnet and GoldQuest which were working on the similar model got banned.How Qnet is different from those Companys.Bombay HC order says you guys are deciet. MPID court says you guys are not legal.SFIO says your business is threat.Delhi HC didnt quash the FIR.What is your take on all these??

Its direct selling as you guys claim.So the prospect should like your products.Why do have to 'convince' someone to like your products?

You have commneted about education system.DO you have any idea about the dropout rates in indai?The drop rate is 4.3% for schools.(As per ministry of HRD). As you go higher classes, this dop out rate even decreases.And in so called genuine business of QNET, More than 80% can never get money.

I know untill now,49 persons got arrested albeit many are on bail. Continue your business of deciet and fraud. God might bless you with no 50.
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
1. How can you say this we do tell name i am working from past two years.
2. Yes, Products are worth it.
3. To buy products of victims they have to make an effort you purchase a 10 lac car today and after a month go and sell it for 10lac..
can you? why is that not worth 10lac?
4. www.myqnestore.net Indian site never ever blocked my whole network has made purchases from this site.
5. Moneylife..lol.. they will see the magic. check out all the articles and have enough guts in your ass to sit with me i will tell you what is fabricated and what is not.
6. 95 percent people do not make money in share market is it a scam ?
7. you tell me reason moron why SC gave bail..haha
8. your assumptions about this industry and moneylife the fake morons you cannot do anything. we will prove you. wait and watch.
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
1) Myself went to a session of Qnet. It was my Brother in law who called me for this. They were giving oral presentation. They were using all the big fancy words like crores, villas,my mere job. They were saying it as a 'business oppurtunity' which is very wrong. I somehow escaped from that. Later my BIL got registered three people from my village sying its an investement. All were relatives. And none of them are educated.He just showed some dreams of becoming crorepatis to the inncocent village people. Now none of them talk to my BIL including me. Wait !! I have put the same thing on FB. i got 3 pings saying they too were cheated. They naarated almost the same script which happens with everyone. Do you say this is ethical?
2)Haha, products are worth?? Can you please explain the products and their advantages over their competitors in economicl and utility terms. Its a request. You cannot refrain from answering this because products are genesis of this business as qnet claims.
3)Cheating is a genuine art in which many Qnet IRs have passed in distinction. I exclude you since you claim that you say, you are from qnet. Might you be clean, but dont endorse all other QNET IRS. I have 10s of victims. Now coming to your car analogy, you are absolutely correct. But how can someone sell a Chi Pedant,some beuaty products at an exaggerating prices when he himself found those are not worth that money?
4)I never know this www.qnetstore,net existed. Thanks for this.If its a indian domain,suitable action will be taken similar to other qnet indian websites.By the way you are yet to answer http://www.qnetindia.in and http://www.qnet.net/ are blocked.
6)Ok, i accept that that moneylife is against you and all the stories it tell are fabricted. How about umpteen number of complaints on Quora,complaintboard forum etc...Are these fabricated too?
6)Share Market has transparency. If people lose money, they dont cry foul.They accept it. Had qnet too transparent, then there wouldnt be such hue and cry against it.
7)Yes SC gave bail, not guilty free. Had they been guilty free, their passports wouldn't been confiscated? Just wait few more months. Tell me one thing. What will be your opinion if SC says Qnet is a illegal company.Are you ready to give your money back?
8) You say we cannot do anything? :) Haha..unforunately every court where the investigation have started said you guys are wrong. MPID court, Bombay HC, ....Mind you, Delhi high court too didnt quash the FIR. .Dont assume that SC will not take a cognizance of all these.
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
This is the registrant address for http://www.qnetstore,net......Unit G-L, 21/F, MG Tower 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon East.....And you say this is an indian webiste.??lol
Suhasis Chatterjee
7 years ago
Modus operandi of Qnet is legal and i endorse it wholeheartedly
Replied to Suhasis Chatterjee comment 7 years ago
Give me your phone number, Let it be forwarded to SFIO. If qnet is correct business, they shall leave you. If not you vl face the prosecution. What say?
Ankur kashyap
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
hahah. Good one. My friends are also approaching me for this. Since I know this is a scam, I am getting fooled by those fancy dreams.
Or even if, let's say I join this, I don't have enough guts to fool my friends to get into this business by selling them the fake dreams and ruin their lives.
My one friend is asking me to join this. I will agree to join this and will set a meeting with that person who is going to tell me all the details about theri so called business. I will teach that moron a lesson he will never forget.
Suhasis Chatterjee
7 years ago
Modus operandi of Qnet is legal and i endorse it wholeheartedly
Suhasis Chatterjee
7 years ago
Modus operandi of Qnet is legal and i endorse it wholeheartedly
7 years ago
hahaha...!! why you are so negative? any personal grudges? QNET will be the number 1 direct selling company in the world no matter whatever negative you can say..!! We will PROVE YOU WRONG..!! WAIT AND WATCH #QNETROCKS
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
No 1 Direct selling company is already banned in many countries.Do you know the reason for it??
Brijesh Rawat
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
sahu...!!!.soch badlo , desh badlega....ab to Modi ji ne bhi keh diya that networking marketing is not illegal ....go and see the vedio.
Replied to sahu comment 7 years ago
Sahu..!! Tell me in which countries we are banned ? and tell me the name of other direct selling companies which are working in that country..!!
Direct selling is 180 billion USD Industry and morons like you think that it is a scam. go and check facts.
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
QNET is working in more than 100 countries having offices in more than 40 countries. little knowledge is a dangerous thing sahu. get your facts right.
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
You call me a moron? Haha. Then you must be calling All the govt agencies, Courts which are against you also morons.
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
In 2010 the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Industry banned Qnet, accusing the company of theft, falsification, and failure to register, and warned citizens to avoid involvement in fraudulent schemes, mentioning QNet specifically.......

Also in 2009, the Sudanese government banned QuestNet after allegations were made relating to poor product quality and the non-receipt of products.[65][66] The same year, the Syrian Ministry of Economics shut down QuestNet for violating its commercial registration, stating that the company had operated a pyramid scheme in Syria and withdrawn billions of Syrian pounds from the country, while also paying few taxes..............
The Rwandan Government's Ministry of Finance banned QuestNet in 2009 for violations of company and tax laws after The National Bank of Rwanda described the company as a pyramid scheme.[61][62] Questnet appealed and was granted relief on condition that it follow the country's laws in the futurr,,,,,,,,,,,
Australian Politician Cameron Thompson, the Nepalese Home Ministry, the Sri Lankan Central Bank, and the Iranian Government have described GoldQuest as a pyramid scheme.........
All the data are from wikipedia. ....In addition to all these our own story of questnet...Do you know what happened to that????if you say they are baseless, i would request you to go and delete all these from wikipedia..
Replied to Rajveer comment 7 years ago
Australian Politician Cameron Thompson, the Nepalese Home Ministry, the Sri Lankan Central Bank, and the Iranian Government have described GoldQuest as a pyramid scheme.....
The Rwandan Government's Ministry of Finance banned QuestNet in 2009 for violations of company and tax laws after The National Bank of Rwanda described the company as a pyramid scheme.......
Also in 2009, the Sudanese government banned QuestNet after allegations were made relating to poor product quality and the non-receipt of products.[65][66] The same year, the Syrian Ministry of Economics shut down QuestNet for violating its commercial registration, stating that the company had operated a pyramid scheme in Syria and withdrawn billions of Syrian pounds from the country, while also paying few taxes..........
And we do know what happened to Quest net and goldquest in india. Do you?? i found all these in wikipedia...If you say all the above are baseless , then go and delete these
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