QNet: FDSA too rejects Vihaan's membership application
QNet, the controversial Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing (MLM) company, has been trying hard to get support from its peers, but with no success. While a few powerful members are not allowing QNet’s entry into the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), its franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd’s application too has been rejected by the other association, Federation of Direct Selling Association (FDSA)
According to documents seen by Moneylife, the FDSA has rejected membership application of Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd. Michael Ferreira, former world billiards champion, owns 80% stake in Vihaan, while the rest is owned by Malcolm Desai. Both Ferreira and Desai, along with Vihaan's directors, Magaral Balaji and Srinivas Vanka, were arrested by police in October in the multi-crore QNet scam.
While rejecting Vihaan's membership application, FDSA said, "The Federation is repeatedly being approached by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police seeking various information regarding the company (Vihaan). The (Scrutiny) Committee feels it has collected the information about the pending court cases and is serious on the sub-judice status of the company. The Committee feels that the sub-judice status of the company (Vihaan) will jeopardise the faith of the government/ industry bodies in the Federation, hence recommends that the company need to come out clean before being considered by the Federation."
Srinivas Vanka (V Srinivas Rao), the operations head of Vihaan, has been trying hard to get membership of FDSA. He met and tried to convince FDSA officials several times. In the letter, the FDSA says, "...during the personal meeting at Hyderabad, we have received your logics (sic) and justification on your defence over what is happening in the field. You may be right at your end, but what image you carry is more important, which is created by the activities seen at ground level."
The FDSA, in the letter dated 17 April 2016 also says Vihaan is in the recruitment business rather than retailing, allowing an independent representative (IR) to open as many as 21 business centres under one ID. The letter says, "...the company revenue proportion of ID activation sales and retailing sales, clearly indicates that new recruitments is the only business in focus, not retailing." 
FDSA says that according to its code of conduct, products from members should be reasonably priced, have optimum utility and be re-saleable. "Your (Vihaan's) core product, the holiday voucher is one such product, which is not falling in line with our FDSA norms. The magnetic pendent is another product falling in grey area, which has notional value...the Committee is not satisfied and considering your product line unreasonable for the masses where from the company (Vihaan) is currently collecting its major revenues," it added.
The rejection letter from FDSA also raises questions on refund and indiscipline in Vihaan, citing complaints it received from people who claim they have been dragged into QNet. FDSA says, "At ground level, it is a common practice that the IRs put soft pressure on a prospect for depositing couple of lakh rupees in the company. If the prospect is not having the funds, a personal loan is processed in no time under some arrangement with the branch manager of the bank. This is a case of lawlessness amongst the IRs and poor control of the company on them. You cannot do away this fact by classifying this as an act of unsatisfied people. The Committee considers this as no less than disguised money circulation and gross indiscipline in the industry."
Vihaan’s application for membership of FDSA also reveals how its director V Srinivas Rao also misled the courts of law across the country. He had repeatedly stated in his submissions before the courts that he had resigned as director from Vihaan in August-September 2014 and thus had no links to the QNet franchisee thereafter. However, the application submitted to FDSA is dated 16 December 2015 and mentions V Srinivas Rao as head of operations of Vihaan. 
Earlier in October 2016, Ferreira and two others surrendered before a Special Court following orders from the Bombay High Court. In September, the HC had asked five prime accused, including Ferreira, Desai, Srinivas Rao, Magaral Balaji and Suresh Thimiri, director of Transview Enterprises India Pvt Ltd, to surrender as per the directions passed by the Supreme Court in the QNet scam case.
Ferreira and the other three were later arrested by the Hyderabad police. They are now lodged in Taloja Jail, near Mumbai, in Maharashtra.
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    9 months ago

    Qnet is a money circulation scheme. All the fraudsters in qnet work in to team to trap people who are mostly their relatives or friends.. They never disclose the name of company. Or its real operations until you have made the the payment and completly trapped. Till that the time they pretend the business is strictly e commerce or business development. They have fancy terms to make their business sound more shopisticated and grande such as global businesses.


    1 year ago

    Qnet is a money circulation scheme. all the Fraudsters in Qnet work in team to trap people who are mostly their relatives or friends. They never disclose the name of the company or its real operations until you have made the payment and completely trapped. Till that time they pretend the business is strictly e commerce or business development. they have fancy terms to make their business sound more sophisticated and grande such as "GLOBAL bUSINESS" or " MANY VERTICALS SUCH AS HEDGE FUNDS, HEALTHCARE, LIFESTYLE, TOURISM , etc"

    I was also trapped. I lost my 9 lac Rs to the mumbai team.. Please do not put your hard earned money into qnet. Its a business of fooling people , trust me watch youtube videos of how people in qnet are trained to fool others. Dont lose money like i did

    These are the people in mumbai team who sell qnet products.. please be careful if you are dealing with them

    1. Vaishali gore (Also dubai)
    2. Vishal mast
    3. Pratik parmar
    4. Kaustubh moghe
    5. Praveen shettigar
    6. V c gautam
    7. Cs mallika ladi (Sap)
    8. Yogesh jangam
    9. Rupesh bamne
    10. Jyoti parmar
    11. Tejashree singh
    12. Swati suman singh
    13. Ravi kumar chaurasiya
    14. Sheela mary
    15. Manika bhardwaj
    16. Sagar metkari
    17. Sarika metkari
    18. Prasad jadhav
    19. Rakhi jadhav
    20. Rohan naik
    21. Reema kulkarni
    22. Vijay naik
    23. Gitesh kulkarni
    24. Manju deshmukh
    25. Preeti wahalkar
    26. Anita naik

    Amrit Kumar Lodha

    2 years ago

    Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Private Ltd hold all its equity capital
    I have been trapped by one college freind Amit Keyal ,from Calcutta University, who had once been a good friend and kind of a guide as well. I trusted him since college and respected him as I thought him to be a simple good man. But I am so mistaken as I released last year when he forced (by lying and showing confidence in him saying he is always there) me to pay him almost 2 Lakhs (I took a loan to give him that money) which he said he would give me back if I am not able to continue the so called e-commerce business (Qnet). Nothing was explained before the payment was made. all details about how the company works and what do i have to do are told after I was already trapped and had no other way but to follow what they say. They ask you to make friends and tell them that I m into a mind blowing business and henceforth trap the victim. I chose not to cheat people. My money is lost because since then I have called and messaged that so called businessman (traitor) numerous times but in vain and now after an year I have almost lost all hope of getting back my money .
    But I m happy that I didn't turn into one of those kinds going around cheating my own friends and family.
    There are many people making a lot of money out of this totally fraud MLM company. There are other MLM companies as well but they are ethical as they agree to that fact and reveal what a member has to do before trapping someone.

    I Can provide Some Contact details hereunder:

    Q Net Association in Kolkata and all over world.

    Sl.No. Name Mobile No. Mobile No.
    22 Amit Keyal +971-566584028
    4 Ashish +977-9802036176
    1 Avinash +91-9330958969
    2 Dayanad Mittal +91-9920350221
    8 Deepak Kankani +91-9830783316
    20 Hemant Surana +91-8697540123
    18 Murtazir Nazar +91-9051061879
    13 Nishant Gupta +91-9860779185
    19 Saru +91-9830235419
    21 Shyam Chaudhry +91-7506226543 +91-9930136801
    3 +91-8092084462
    5 +91-9980096781
    6 +91-8100058258
    7 +91-8951174594
    9 +977-9845096260
    10 +91-9376518122
    11 +61-411895943
    12 +971-557703213
    14 +91-9930761147
    15 +91-9167780347
    16 +91-9836331256
    17 +91-9038082570
    18 Babita Agarwal+91-9635276465


    2 years ago

    Hello Friends,
    We have been receiving hundreds of enquiries from QNET VICTIMS across India asking on how to join the FINANCIAL FRAUDS VICTIMS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FFVWA) which is fighting for the LEGAL RIGHTS of the QNET SCAM VICTIMS in SUPREME COURT of India. You can contact us on WHATSAPP on 9137721819 .

    Congratulations to all FFVWA on our major mile stone and success in Supreme Court of India.

    Before proceeding further I would like to mention that we are contactable on WHATSAPP on 9137721819 and victims can contact me on Whatsapp on this number only as my two phones were stolen in Delhi and my main number 7498053701 could not be recovered.

    A brief summary on the need for forming the FFVWA is summarised in the two news stories below:



    As you are aware we have successfully fought the best criminal lawyers appearing for QNET SCAM till date including lawyers like Kapil Sibbal, Salman Kurshid, Mahesh Jhetmalani, Abaad Ponda…the list is long. The fight is being fought on LEGAL GROUNDS with good FACTS and DATA. The fight has not been easy and but each and every court that I have appeared and argued my case In-Person I have won inspite of BIG MONEY POWER/PRESSURES etc from the QNET SCAM supporters.

    You can become part of our organisation FINANCIAL FRAUDS VICTIMS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FFVWA) which is fighting for the LEGAL RIGHTS of the QNET SCAM VICTIMS in SUPREME COURT of India by downloading the membership form from

    DropBox at


    and filing it properly and sending it across by courier to:
    Anuja Kotecha (Joint Secretary)
    Flat no 701, Nazreth Niketan,
    Charath Singh Colony, Behind Dragon Fly Hotel,
    Andheri-east, Mumbai: 400093
    After having completed the form please take snapshots of the same and whatsapp to us on 9137721819.

    Please beware there are no short cuts to refund, stay away from individuals who promise you refunds illegally using various tactics. Stay united and fight for your rights LEGALLY.

    Gurupreet Singh Anand
    Anuja Kotecha & FFVWA

    Vijay Raval

    3 years ago

    i am in still confused why goverment allowed pyramid business in country


    4 years ago

    💥📣 HYDERABAD QNETSCAM victims meeting update 📣💥
    Dont REGRET later if you miss this meeting, for which we are taking special efforts.

    Please gather tomorrow sharp 11AM at Sudarshan 35MM, RTC Cross Road, CHIKKADPALLI, HYDERABAD..
    For answers to your questions

    Ever since you lost your hard earned money in QNET SCAM, you all have multiple questions and facing multiple issues like:

    1. Where and whom to approach for recovering your hard earned money?

    2. How to help fight and stop this QNET SCAM?

    3. How to teach your CHEATER UPLINES a lesson?

    4. Issues regarding the “so called” “REFUND POLICY”.

    5. Are you eligible for “Compensations”?

    6. Issues regarding action by police authorities.

    7. What is the status of the court cases etc

    These are an example of just a few issues and concerns you are facing, but there is GOOD NEWS for you all. We have been working overtime to try and bring an end to these woes and issues faced by Victims of Financial Frauds like this QNETSCAM.

    So guys and girls coming Sunday i.e 23rd of July 2017 is the BIG DAY finally , Please do join us at 11AM at the above mentioned address and the location is also attached here with.

    Please do come and also inform other victims of the QNETSCAM in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andra Pradesh.

    For details WhatsApp me on 7498063701 or call on +918978700018 and speak to Mr. Raghav.

    Please pass this important message on all WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter etc so all victims of QNETSCAM in Hyderabad and around can attend.

    Those who are attending please confirm in advance as we have limited capacity only🙏

    Jai Hind


    4 years ago

    #QNETSCAM & SUPREME COURT MATTER UPDATE - Please read till the end.

    Dear Members,

    Jai Hind to all. As you are aware I have had fought the QNET SCAM since last 4 years and devoted all these years full time towards taking effort to expose the QNET SCAM because of which millions of innocent people in India are loosing thier hard earned money and due to my efforts the #QNETSCAM had almost come to a stand still.

    This fight has had taken a HUGE effort and affected my personal and professional life beyond what can be explained here, though all cases in which I appeared had verdicts coming in favor of the victims of #QNETSCAM

    In Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court I have faced the best and most expensive lawyers in India like Mahesh Jhetmalani , Kapil Sibbal, Salman Kurshid , Dushant Dave etc but they could not protect the accused involved in the #QNETSCAM till recently when...

    These accused cheated and played FRAUD upon the Supreme Court and obtained an stay order on all proceedings against QNET all over India. It is very very Important for all of us to come together and unite so that this fraud can be exposed and correct facts are brought before the Supreme Court.

    To carry forward this fight further I need to move to Delhi and need support from you all without which this fight will come to an end. I request Donations from you all for fighting this #QNETSCAM which is destroying lifes, families and careers and thousands of crores are being laundered out of our country India.

    I request donations and the same can be send thru Bank transfer or deposits in my bank account number as below:

    Account number: 32280724593

    state bank of India, Lokhandwala branch

    IFSC: SBIN0013204

    Name as in bank records: Gurupreet Singh Anand

    You can also donate via Paytm on 7498063701. Any donations big or small are welcome.

    Other help in form of a place to stay in Delhi and if anyone has an extra activa or similar gear less two wheeler which I can use is also welcome. If you think you can help in any other ways please whatsapp me on 7498063701


    Gurupreet Anand

    Please pass this message to all groups, Facebook, Twitter, activists, members and victims of QNETSCAM, please join the fight in exposing the biggest ponzi scheme in India and stop the money being laundered out of our country

    Vande Matram

    jitu moni

    4 years ago

    The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the city police arrested a woman in her early 30s on Thursday for her active involvement in the multi-crore QNet scam. The total number of arrested accused has now reached 47, which includes Billiards champion and Padma Bhushan recipient Michael Ferreira.
    In the Rs 1,000-crore scam of Hong Kong-based company QNet, nearly 5 lakh investors across the country were duped. QNet has been accused of using the banned binary pyramid business model for its multi-level marketing schemes to lure investors.

    QNet posed as a marketing firm selling bio-discs, watches, herbal products, holiday packages, etc. It also claimed that by using the bio-disc, one could cure cancer and brain diseases, the police said.
    Too much baggage
    Accused Aditi Mitra was intercepted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, and subsequently, arrested based on the lookout circular that had been issued against her.

    Assistant commissioner of police Arun Jadhav confirmed her arrest said she was sent to police custody till March 23.
    Mitra was allegedly trying to flee to Dubai for good. She was carrying eight big bags and two handbags. Of the eight, two contained her belongings; she refused to say what was in the other six, sources said.

    Mitra, an independent representative associated with QNet, had been getting hefty commissions in return. She has multiple bank accounts, with one alone having Rs 25 lakh, as EOW officials found, adding that all her bank accounts have been frozen.

    Active player
    Investigators found that on the instructions of the other accused, Mitra was actively involved in the scam. She had brainwashed victims in order to induce them to invest in the scheme,” said special public prosecutor Pradip Gharat.

    A victim, Sewri resident Arpita Majarekar, said, “She would conduct welcome sessions in malls and trap people with her sweet talk.

    She had promised me and many others that if we invested in the scheme, we would get double the amount in three years.” Majarekar, who works in a private firm in Andheri, had invested nearly Rs 12.5 lakh in the scheme through Mitra.

    She has been booked under relevant sections of the Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act, Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, and the Indian Penal Code.


    4 years ago

    QNET VICTIMS please beware of this shady character one Mr. Rafiq whose posing as an "High Court Advocate & RTI Activist" at various online web sites.

    This guy is a sweet talker and will promise you refund from QNET if you appoint him as an advocate, he is doing nothing but cheating your further...here is his modus operandi...

    He also claims to be behind several actions that have been taken place by mumbai police and FFVA but the FACT remains that he has nothing to do with any of these actions being taken all over India.

    He will convince victims to appoint him as an ADVOCATE and thereafter tell victims to deposit Rs 50,000 in various bank accounts to show that he has been apponited.

    He will promise that he will return back the money after showing that to QNET office but the FACT remains that after the money is transferred he will stop recieving your calls and vanish .

    We have recieved multiple complaints against this FRAUD, please BEWARE you all have already been cheated dont get cheated again.

    For your REFUNDS only follow the correct and LEGAL way to get your refunds along with compensation, for more info do drop us a email at [email protected]

    FFVA i.e Financial Frauds Victims Association has been formed to help and provide legal aid to victims of QNET SCAM.


    Please stay away from crooks and fight for your legal rights in correct and proper way.



    sachin hadap

    In Reply to gurupreet 4 years ago

    Sir first of all a grt complinent n salute to you for your crusade against D fraud companyQnet.
    For last couple of years , d time this Qnet scamwas unearth by you i have been closely following d steps taken by you.Bur to be honest i was afraid to come forward & file a complaint against Qnet.As i am too a victim of this scam.My friend lawyers suggested menot to file acomplaint as d case will go on in court for years with very little chance of getting d money refunded.Can you kindly guide me and my other friends what we should do?

    jitu moni

    In Reply to sachin hadap 4 years ago

    Very simple. Procedure of complaint posted in our facebook page Qnet Scam the first post

    Varun Pandey

    4 years ago

    As far as I know and google also says same, QNET is member of WFDSA and also key member of DSA of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia....Singapore have more toughest laws than India and I am sure they have accepted QNET with lot of scrutiny only.


    jitu moni

    In Reply to Varun Pandey 4 years ago

    Parliament list of Ponzi companies are Goldquest and Questnet. Qnet , its new avatar already in ED radar. ahahahahah


    In Reply to Varun Pandey 4 years ago

    why dont u shift to these countires and do your scamming there?

    Agyat Vyakti

    4 years ago

    read modus operandi of qnet here qnetindiascam.blogspot.in please share and aware


    4 years ago

    All their big Daddys are living comfortably in Various countries with whom India has extradition treaty. Wonder why interpol notice is not served n guilty are brought back to India.


    jitu moni

    In Reply to Pradeep 4 years ago

    Because people are not coming forward with their complaints in large numbers

    Rajesh Mehta

    4 years ago

    Why there is delay in final judgement of Bombay High Court for petition filed by Q Net Ltd.And why Indian Government is not issuing unbaileble arrest warrant against Mr.Vijay Eshwaran and other founders of Q Net Ltd.



    In Reply to Rajesh Mehta 4 years ago

    Bombay High Court has already held its a "Prima Facie Illegal Scheme" arrest warrants have already been issued check ur freaking FACTS


    4 years ago

    Vihaan and its roor company should be banned. They are looting my country and nation as a whole. I knoe these people very well.these are rascals. They will paralyse India. Should not be allowed to operate. Difficult to explain in words.

    atul gupta

    4 years ago

    Qnet and its franchisee Vihaan direct selling india pvt ltd based at bangalore are running money circulation scheme which is banned under PCMS act 1978 in India. Qnet/Vihaan IR are looting and duping their relatives and friends through luring them at coffee shops in all over india in name of business opportunity and partnership but infact they are trapped into cheating game where all prospects trust on their friends/relatives and after giving lakhs of money to Vihaan/Qnet IR they try to cheat their friends/relatives further to get back their trapped money in Qnet/Vihaan. So please beware of this biggest and oldest scamster and fraud MLM company like QNET/VIHAAN.


    Agyat Vyakti

    In Reply to atul gupta 4 years ago

    share on your social network read modus operandi of qnet here qnetindiascam.blogspot.in please share and aware

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