Project Activate by Google
This is an interesting app initiated by the research project of Google which can be used by people who are unable to speak or use technology with their hands including those who have cerebral palsy. This app enables you to activate customised pre-set communications by making facial gestures, such as smiling or looking up. With your face, you can: Play a text-to-speech phrase; Play audio to express yourself or control a smart speaker; Send a text message; Make a phone call.
With direct access, a loved one or caretaker can: Customise communications; Adjust the face gesture sensitivity.
This has to be done one-time by the caregiver, after which the challenged user can use the phone on his / her own.
Of course, this is for general communication only and not meant for emergencies. Also, since it is in a development stage, the accuracy cannot be always guaranteed.
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Yazdi Tantra, 12 November 2021
Microsoft SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style so you can type faster. You just need to install SwiftKey from the Play Store once and set it up as your default keyboard.
SwiftKey offers swipe...
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