PACL Investors Should Not Respond to Emails from, Its Fraud
Moneylife Digital Team 16 January 2020
Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has warned investors of PACL Ltd not to respond from any mails sent by 
In a release SEBI says, "The Justice RM Lodha (retd) Committee has received complaints from investors that they are receiving emails from [email protected] requesting them to file claim application forms for claiming refund. Further, the said emails include authority letter, purportedly issued by SEBI, in favour of one Shri Ravi Shankar, IAS designating him for the refund related matters."
The market regulator says both Justice Lodha Committee and SEBI has not authorised or designated anyone in the PACL refund matters and had not issued any authority letter. 
"It is further stated that said email and domain name does not pertain to Committee or SEBI. The investors are advised to be cautious and not to act on such communications, if any, received by them. Investors are also requested not to be misguided or fall in trap of any such inducements and false promises," SEBI says.
Earlier, the market regulator has allowed PACL investor with claims of to Rs5000 to correct their forms through its official portal, This website would be operational from 24 January 2020 and PACL investors whose forms contain some deficiency, can rectify it from the portal. 
"The last date for checking the status of claim applications and/or rectification of deficiencies will be 31 July 2020," SEBI says.
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