Numerical: The Universe in Numbers
Numerical presents the universe in numbers. It aspires to bring an entirely different way for the world to consume, engage and interact with information. It does so by blending the two most powerful technologies of our generation—data and social media.
From agriculture, art and business to science, technology and travel, everything in Numerical is expressed as a number. They call it the ‘Numeron’—a number, text to describe the number, and images—audio or video—to further enrich the number.
Their basic philosophy is that numbers matter and bring objectivity in explaining and understanding time, space, proportion, value and impact.
The other distinguishing feature is the ability to engage and interact with each Numeron, through hooks called ‘Actions’— such as sharing, emailing and comparing them with each other. 
Numerical does not contain ads—and is free, for now. Future releases of the platform will support subscription models, though. They still have a long way to go; but, in my opinion, they have made a good start.
So, if you wish to analyse, compare, understand and digest information in numeric form, Numerical may just be the right prescription for you!
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