Notesnook: Secret Notes, Diary, Notepad and Journal
Notesnook is an easy to use private notes app and organiser. It is fully cross-platform. Download it on all your devices for free. Sync notes between your computer, tablet and mobile seamlessly. Syncing is automatic and almost instant; so no matter which device you are using, your notes are always current.
With Notesnook, note taking is a simple and easy task. Just like opening a physical notebook and writing notes down. The unique feature of this app is that all your notes are encrypted with military-grade encryption, by default. There is also a built-in app lock to lock the app with fingerprint so no one can open and peek into your private notes on your device.
If you have really confidential information you can double encrypt your notes with vault. Locked notes require password on open and are encrypted at rest.
You can get things done with to-do lists and tasks. Create to-do lists to get things done. Keep track of your daily progress in to-do lists and accomplish daily tasks. A very handy tool for quick and efficient note taking.
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