Nokia Lumia 800: The ‘noPhone’ that need to go miles before...

Except may be backing of a bigshot like Microsoft, there is nothing in Nokia Lumia 800 that can make it compete with other smartphones from Samsung or HTC. Launching handsets in the league of Apple iPhone is still a miles away dream for Nokia

Before I start, let me confess that this review is completely based on technical specifications and not a hands-on experience. Although, Nokia is not leaving a single stone unturned through publicity events in order to grab attention towards its’re-entry' into the smartphone category, it is the technical specifications that makes the Lumia 800 an 'also ran' in the race.

In addition, the price factor is a big disadvantage for Nokia Lumia 800, especially in a country obsessed with low or ‘value-for-money’ mobile handsets. While the value-for-money tag has worked for Nokia in the past, the lack of this feature would only shrink its market share from 30% at present.

Purely looking at the technical specifications, I found there is one handset, Samsung Galaxy S Plus that competes with Nokia Lumia 800. Both have 1.4GHZ Scorpion processor with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset and Adreno 205 as graphics processing unit (GPU).

While Lumia 800 has 3.7 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, the S Plus comes with 4 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Both have 480x800 pixel resolution and are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. (Compared with the first-generation active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED, some of the Super AMOLED advantages are brighter screens, less sunlight reflection and reduced power consumption).

Storage: Both handsets have 16GB internal memory and 512MB random access memory (RAM). However, S Plus comes with 2GB read-only memory (ROM) and a memory card slot for up to 32GB. ROM is mainly used to distribute firmware or software that is very closely tied to specific hardware, and unlikely to need frequent updates.

Data Connectivity: Both Lumia 800 and S Plus supports GPRS and EDGE network and offers speed up to 14.4 Mbps on HSDPA (3G). Both support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n protocol, with S Plus also offering digital living network alliance (DLNA) and Wi-Fi hotspot features. (DLNA certified device makes it easier for consumers to use, share and enjoy digital photos, music and videos across similar devices).

Camera: While Lumia 800 has an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED flash, the S Plus comes with just 5 megapixel camera and no flash. Both can record HD quality ([email protected]) videos. The Lumia 800 does not have a secondary camera like S Plus, which comes handy for video calls.

OS: Although, after its alliance with software giant Microsoft, the Finnish mobile maker was expected to come out with handset based on Windows. The Lumia 800 comes with Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango and offers one-touch social network access, easy grouping of contacts, integrated communication threads and Internet Explorer 9. On the other hand, Galaxy S plus comes with Google Android 2.3 or Gingerbread and loads of applications that can be downloaded either free or paid for from the internet. (Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance and according to a report by NPD, enjoys 53% market share compared with mere 2% share for Windows Phone 7 in the US).

Multimedia: When it comes to enjoying music or videos on the handset, Samsung clearly leads the way. While both handsets supports, MP4, H.263, H.264 and WMV files, the S Plus also supports DivX and Xvid. In addition S plus also support TV-out feature that is not there in Lumia 800.

Documents/Editor: Both handsets have document as well as video and image viewer and editor.

Battery: This is really interesting. While Lumia 800 comes with a 1450mAh Li-Ion battery, the S Plus comes with 1650 mAh Li-Ion one. However, there is big difference between the talk time and standby time of both the handsets. On a 3G network, Lumia 800 claims to offer stand-by time of 335 hours and talk time of up to 9 hours and 30 minutes, the S Plus claims a stand-by time of up to 625 hours and talk time of up to 6 hours and 30 minutes. The fast draining of battery, in case of S Plus can be attributed to its operating system. Android phones use more battery due to their constant need to communicate over the internet; especially applications like Google Maps and Latitude are known to drain the battery fast.

Price: Nokia Lumia 800 comes with an official price tag of Rs29,999 and can be bought for less than it. Samsung Galaxy S Plus sells at around Rs23,500.

Conclusion: Although Nokia sees its Lumia 800 to be a competitor to Apple iPhone, it is nowhere near the niche product. In fact compared with iPhone, the Lumia 800 can be termed as 'noPhone'. Even compared with Samsung products, Nokia is trying to sell this handset with specifications similar to S Plus but charging a premium. Four factors work in favour of Samsung Galaxy Plus, one, its screen is Super AMOLED, two the screen size is 4 inches and third and biggest is it runs on Android and fourth it is available at around Rs23,500. By the way, if interested one can grab the elder sibling, the Galaxy S II for a lesser price than the Nokia Lumia 800.

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    8 years ago

    The new features make Mango much more appealing than the earlier versions of the Windows Phone software.

    But many of the new features simply match features or apps long available for Android or iOS devices. And in some important ways, Windows Phone still comes up short compared to those operating systems.

    There are far fewer applications available for Windows Phone devices than for Android or iOS. And it's not just the obscure apps that are missing; among the popular apps you just can't get on Windows Phone devices are Internet radio service Pandora, digital video service Hulu and even Skype.

    And while you can update iOS or Android devices directly over the Internet, you still have to plug Windows Phone 7 devices into a computer to update them. Similarly, both iOS and Android devices now allow you to stream and download all of your own music from an Internet-based storage locker. Windows Phone 7 will connect with Microsoft's Zune subscription service, but it doesn't have anything comparable to Apple's iCloud or Google Music lockers.

    Additionally, Windows Phone's built-in Web browser, Internet Explorer, doesn't support new Web standards to the degree the Android and iOS browsers do, doesn't support Adobe's Flash technology and doesn't have enough users to persuade Web publishers to customize pages for it. The end result is that you can't run some Web applications, such as the one for Google Music, that will run on iOS and Android devices. And sometimes, slide shows and other multimedia content that you could see on those devices will return error messages in Internet Explorer.

    So, while I've found a lot to like about Mango, I can't recommend buying a Windows Phone device over the iPhone or an Android gadget.


    8 years ago

    buddy if you dont have device with you to write review atleast you can do through the videos available on youtube

    following is the one ex. & m sue you will find tons like this covering other topics as well ;) ;)


    8 years ago

    Wow a "Adreno 205 as graphics processing unit (GPU)"

    How MEHpic..... Well I guess it doesn't matter on that screen, this is starting to bring back memories of the LG incite...

    Michael Oryl

    8 years ago

    This "review" is a disgrace. It's time for a new career choice, my friend.



    In Reply to Michael Oryl 8 years ago they finally decided to sack you from MSFT for exposing them.

    fuck you

    8 years ago

    What a crap review. You're reviewning a phone you haven't even seen and haven't even seen ClearBlack amoled but are saying the GS2 is better...just because?



    8 years ago

    although lumia hav battery bug but still iphone dont even get closer to the backup of nokia devices.
    only the strongest will survive in Indian conditions and its nokia


    8 years ago

    What a SHIT review, does he actually know anything about Lumia 800. It has a fastest HTML5 supported, strongest connectivity, better support for business tools. It boots within 10 secs, Android in 50 secs and iPhone in 1 min 5 sec. Lag time for operating is negligible while operating (better than Android with 512MB RAM). With Gorilla glass scratch proof display and Polymer plastic body, it is one of the best phones in market. The thing that is lagging is the Camera quality as compared to HTC or Samsung. But that makes less difference. I must say this is the Worst review on NET.



    In Reply to Yogiraj 8 years ago

    Oh it boots in 10 secs, I never have to reboot my other smart phones.... Gorilla glass hey you and everyone else... Polymer Plastic!? Redundant much... HTML5 Support, meh its MS it'll need a thousand security patches.

    I'm going to say your comment is a plant as have been many others on this review. Instead of whining about the review why not work on improving the phone? Even better why not make a community effort out of it, like a open source & xda forum outreach. Heck even the multimedia issue is a quick update.

    People become power users quickly when it comes to smartphones, its not something that should be overlooked...


    In Reply to Yogiraj 8 years ago

    I used to be a Nokia fan, since the NGAGE, N95 times. But now Nokia is really behind the times. Lumia has nice design but is no match for Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone. BTW: keen to go on WP7 but still no good phone around after so much time of WP7 in the market. Minimum requirements are that of GSII plus 64 or 128GB space, 4.5'' screen, 2500mAh battery. If Nokia is the manufacturer so much the better!!!


    8 years ago

    Dont give a stupid review. Have you ever used Win 7.5 ? .. If you have used it then you would have never written this review.

    Apple is a Dumb phone, doesnt give any customization for the users and also over priced for the HW they deploy.

    Win Phone 7 is going to lead the world in another year or so. Wait and watch.

    I am not a employee of MS or Nokia, just a common man who is using the First ever Windows product


    8 years ago

    Idiot review. Use the phone before you write a review.


    8 years ago

    Now that this has become and all out war among the likes of MS+Nokia side versus the Android side, it is safe to say that the people posting from MS+Nokia are just jealous of the fact that they have been provided with an old outdated overpriced brick with no functionality and whatsoever there is, is not sufficient to compete with the ones that are being produced by the players of the other side. The only option (last) they have is to sue the other side so that they can extract money from them to try to stop them from producing great products. People who are not in the field also have forgot that MS has always copied functionality from others and have not done anything on their own. This is going to be a good cake fight to watch.

    Oh and by the way to the MS person who published on Twitter that he is willing to give away an MS based smartphone I dare you to give one to me, but the catch is that you should not take my Android device. You can get my details from my blog itself.

    I'll take your device and post a review of it myself.


    8 years ago

    All the jobless people in Nokia and Microsoft. Please keep posting and expose your biases.


    8 years ago

    My review of Yogesh Sapkale’ review, it’s Garbage.

    My opinion of revealing IP addresses of those who posted using “abusive” language, Childish.

    No more comments

    8 years ago

    guys... i think.. he must have already realised his mistake.
    pls dont criticize him more.. or he might commit suicide.


    pls more comments

    In Reply to No more comments 8 years ago

    guys.. i just found out..this guy has actly posted another article.. revealing IP addresses of readers... and criticizing them too...!
    sorry for stopping u from adding comments..pls go ahead...


    In Reply to pls more comments 8 years ago

    Hey baby,
    smart ....but this phone is incomplete,

    no secondary camera,
    no memory card slot,
    no documents editor,
    no NFC,
    no flash,
    no JAVA support,
    no wi-fi direct nor hot spot,
    no gyroscope sensor,
    battery not replaceable by users,
    fixed permanent window custom etc etc.
    What say, babe?


    8 years ago

    You are one fked up idiot. You and your employer should be totally sued to go bankrupt for publishing IP Addresses and Email Addresses and voilating the privacy of your readers. If you can't tolerate critcism, close the shop, cover your dirty little dick like face and disappear from online journalism.


    8 years ago

    Moron, please use the product (at least 1 week) before reviewing it!!!!
    Compared with Apple's Siri, the WP voice search gives actual answers and no snub remarks. See this video:

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    “Growth is clearly decelerating. This reflects the combined impact of several factors—the uncertain global environment, the cumulative impact of past monetary policy tightening and domestic policy uncertainties,” the RBI said in monetary policy review

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    “Growth is clearly decelerating. This reflects the combined impact of several factors—the uncertain global environment, the cumulative impact of past monetary policy tightening and domestic policy uncertainties,” it said in monetary policy review.

    While several key economic legislations, including insurance and Pension Funds Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) bills, are pending in Parliament, the government had to recently put on hold its decision to open the multi-brand retail sector to foreign investors.

    Before today’s halt in rate hikes, the central bank had increased key policy rates 13 times since March 2010 to tame rising prices.

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    The government has already lowered its estimates for the economic growth to 7.5% from 9%.

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    The central bank also expressed concern on high crude oil prices despite global slowdown. India imports about 80% of its crude oil requirements.

    Global growth in 2011 and 2012 is expected to be lower than earlier anticipated.

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    Hindustan Zinc makes advance tax payment of Rs400 crore for Q3

    In the first three quarters of the current financial year, Hindustan Zinc has cumulatively paid Rs1,025 crore in advance tax

    Vedanta Group firm Hindustan Zinc has paid Rs400 crore as advance tax for the October-December quarter, an over 23% rise on a year-on-year basis, the company said.

    "The higher advance tax payment is due to improved efficiency in business operations and expansion in business," it said in a statement, adding that the company had paid Rs325 crore for the same period last fiscal.

    In the first three quarters of the current financial year, the  Rajasthan-based zinc, lead and silver producer has cumulatively paid Rs1,025 crore in advance tax, the statement added.

    Hindustan Zinc, in which the government sold a majority stake to Vedanta Group in 2002, currently produces 10,64,000 tonnes of zinc and lead, while its silver production stood at about 180 tonnes in 2010-11.

    Stating that the Vedanta Group firm has invested about Rs12,000 crore on expansion since its disinvestment, the statement said the company recently commissioned a 1,00,000 tonnes per annum lead smelter at Dariba, in Rajasthan, and 350 tonnes per annum silver refinery at Pantnagar, in Uttarakhand. "These are only going to give a boost to the company's revenue," it added.

    In the late afternoon, Hindustan Zinc was trading at around Rs116.80 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange, 0.09% down from the previous close.

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